17 Reasons To Get Solar

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At Solgen Power, we believe in building a brighter future for our people. By making solar power accessible to homeowners and businesses across the country, we promote environmental and economic health in a way that is practical and affordable.

Our founders represent more than 30 years in the solar power industry. Through that experience, along with our portfolio of 10,000+ installations in 8 states, we have witnessed firsthand the numerous ways that solar power benefits our clients. Rather than list them all, we’ve selected our 17 favorites.

Reasons for Solar


Solar can help you tremendously by helping you cut those utility costs every single month.


Solar is known to help increase the equity in your home anywhere from 2% - 20%. Homes will also sell on average 20% faster!


Solar helps many customers become owners of their power. Ownership means you are the boss of your energy and you can use it how you see fit.


Solar provides green energy to your home while reducing the need for more harmful energy resources like coal.