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Top 5 Solar Companies In Washington State

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

May 3, 2022

Washington State over the last 20 years has been blooming with businesses that reinvent the way we do things. The reason some of these things need to be changed is because the time has come when we must put our foot forward toward a brighter future. One of the types of companies that have decided to take action are solar companies in Washington. Washington is very green and luscious and has tried to maintain a good environment that people can thrive on. Washington has put its efforts into becoming cleaner by providing customers with incentives and programs what will help homeowners transition to solar and get their solar installed. Washington has grown tremendously and today we will talk about the top 5 solar companies in the state of Washington 

Solgen Power headquarter location

Solgen Power Headquarter in Pasco, WA.

Solgen Power is a solar company out of Pasco WA that started back in 2017. Today, it is the #1 solar company in the state and continues to grow in the country. Solgen Power wants to build a brighter future for our people. Solgen has been able to offer a simple process that helps homeowners achieve solar on their home. Solar has proven to be a great investment for homeowners and Solgen has been able to educate the public more on solar. You can look here to see more information on the benefits of going solar.  Solgen power does not outsource any work, that means all work is done by Solgen Power. Solgen has offered top notch customer service that has propelled them to the top solar company. They did it in such a short time because they have been building a culture that gives back to the community and people have taken notice. 

A&R Solar started all the way back in 2007 out of Seattle WA. A&R Solar started out as solar hot water installation services but moved to selling solar panels for customers. They have made themselves one of the top solar companies in the state of Washington by providing exceptional customer service. They stopped selling solar hot water installations by 2013 and focused all their efforts on selling solar panels. A&R Solar saw how solar panels had plenty of benefits homeowners can take advantage of. A&R has also given back into the communities like Solgen Power has and it has benefited them immensely. If you want to find out more about A&R Solar, you can visit them on their website.

Puget Sound Solar opened its’ door in 2001 in Seattle, Washington and has been serving Washington State homeowners ever since. They have helped homeowners take control of their customers’ energy needs and helped push solar in Washington state and further the development of the way Puget Sound Solar has helped customers obtain solar. 100% of the installation process is done by Puget Sound Solar to make sure they keep their standards up. Their mission statement is “You Make the Difference” Puget Sound Solar just like other solar companies are helping with the fight for climate change. 

CapeStone Solar started out researching renewable  green energy alternatives and started selling solar and other alternatives by 2008. The company originated in 2003 but was not selling solar until 2008. They have been noticed by the community and the government for contributing a lot to solar and cleaner alternative green energy methods. They have done tremendously to help push solar technologies forward and continue to break barriers. Capstone Solar also continue to be one of the best solar companies has to offer. Not only do they provide solar but you can get wind turbines installed in your home. For some customers, wind turbines might be a better choice.

Northwest Electric & Solar was started in 2011 providing solar for commercial and residential customers as well as other products like electrical vehicle charging system and energy storage. Northwest Electric & Solar offer great quality technology for homeowners to use. They provide off-grid and grid-tied solar installations for the needs of the consumer.  Their website provides a lot of useful information that homeowners can use when deciding to go solar or if they already went solar, then you can get information on ways you can best benefit from going solar.  To look through all their services, you can visit their page at  

Washington State is full of great solar companies that provide outstanding services and the companies in this have separated themselves from the rest. Each company with their own goal but all helps achieve the same outcome, a greener world that future generations can enjoy. Not only do humans benefit from climate change but animals will be provided with ecosystems that match them. The technology for solar also improves because the need for solar will continue to go as limited resources dwindle down and the competition among the companies will help with that. Overall Washington has been good at adapting for the future and will continue to lead the way from the rest of the country. 

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