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What Is Net Metering?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

June 7, 2022

Solar installations have been rising over the last couple years and many residents have taken notice of the solar benefits that come with installing solar panels. What solar does for homeowners is that it uses your roof space to install solar panels, that will then convert sunlight to usable green energy. Solar panel installations come in many sizes, the reason is that many homeowners have different energy plans and solar companies like Solgen Power will design an installation on your property to match your energy needs. 

Net metering diagram

Net Metering diagram

Some owners of solar will get days where they generate more energy than what the home has consumed. Those that have solar, specifically the solar installations that are connected to the grid can get more benefits than just saving money on energy bills.  

One of the major benefits from having your solar energy PV system connected to the grid is that you can get credited for the difference in energy you make.

Say you made extra energy that amounts to a couple dollars a day, those credits then get added to your account to be used when you need them. You can think of it as storing your energy for a day when you might not produce as much energy. That will allow you to keep your electricity cost low even during the wintertime. The power goes back to the grid and the utility company can track the amount of energy you send back to the grid to make sure you are incentivized for the extra energy your system makes.   

With net metering, the extra energy you make becomes credit for energy, in most cases, you won’t receive a check in the mail. Although the area you live in might provide cash solar incentives, net metering program is credit based. Net metering has created jobs that will help with that department in tracking and monitoring those systems. With the increase in solar, the increase in jobs will follow and help the economy especially in a time where it is hard to find a job. Net metering has become a large used tool homeowners can take advantage of and solar panel installation should of came with a net meter so that you can track and monitor the energy yourself anytime of the day. 

Net metering has helped solar grow because it allows homeowners to benefit much more from their solar energy PV system. Net metering has allowed many owners of solar energy panels to save energy in a smart way. This program will continue to help homeowners save energy and money while also helping solar evolve into better technology. With better technology, we can convert solar energy faster and upgrade net metering to best track energy. When looking for a solar dealer, make sure you check to see if their systems connect to the power grid because you can also be taking advantage of the benefits. The difference between having a battery and having your energy returned to the grid is that when the batteries are full, You can save any more, at least with the system that returns energy back to the grid, you’ll be able to get unlimited credits from it. Both are able to use stored energy in a sense. The battery stores it in space, while grid stores it in credits. 

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