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Can You Use Solar Energy on Your Electric Car?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

July 15, 2022

The world has taken a large step in the technology platform to create ways to the human life easier than it ever has been. Technology increases comfort and production in the everyday life and we continue to use it to solve even the smallest problem. As technology rises, energy consumption goes up due to the rise of electrical power, and finding ways to feed that power in a healthy way is what Solar Power is all about. Lately, if you have noticed, there have been many electrical vehicles on the road compared to 5 years ago. Electrical vehicles were frowned upon in the early days because motor companies would bring bad publicity to them so that they wouldn’t lose business. Now, Electrical vehicles have gotten over that hump and are becoming a great investment, especially with the rise in gasoline prices. The rise in gas prices has pushed an influx of people to buy electric vehicles. 

Group of Electric cars - Tesla's

Electric Vehicles

In early human civilization, humans had already used solar energy to create fire and sunrooms. Sunrooms are rooms that are designed to use the energy of the sun to warm up

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

An electric car provides so many benefits that a gasoline powered vehicle won’t give you. Electric vehicles used to cost a lot more than regular gas-powered cars because they were not as produced as much as other cars were and the market for them was not big at the time. Tesla has been the largest manufacturer of electrical vehicles and has been one of the biggest vehicle companies in recent years. They created a large market and need for the vehicle and other manufacturers have decided to follow that trend. Other vehicle manufacturers like, Porsche, ford, ECT, have helped lower the market for electrical vehicles to where the average hard-working American can now purchase. With the increase in production, we have been able to lower the price of electric cars and that makes them more obtainable. One of the biggest problems is that gas prices have made electric cars so demanded that manufacturers can’t keep up, therefore an increase in electric vehicle prices. Gas prices have been a big issue now and many Americans must think about making the switch. 

How To Charge Electric Vehicles?

With more people obtaining electric cars, more energy to power them will be needed. Electric cars get their energy from electricity, that means you can connect it to your wall outlet and charge your vehicle up. Some manufacturers made charging quicker with supercharger stations that are in major cities with more and more cities implementing the station to help with energy demand. Most cities have seen the demand for electrical power stations and have begun the process of providing more electrical power stations for people to use. Businesses have implemented them in their parking lots to help provide green options for transport. Schools, public areas, charging stations, businesses, these areas help with making electrical power more accessible and that helps bring attention to alternative renewable options like solar panels and electric vehicles. Solar, like electric vehicles have been on the rise due to the demand for energy and the value of the energy you are paying for.

Can I Charge My Electric Vehicle at Home?

Electric cars being electric has allowed them to have different benefits than what gas vehicles bring. Benefits like no emissions, more economical, elevated technology around the car. One of the greatest benefits of electric cars is being able to charge it right at home. Electric companies made it possible to be able to create a charge using the power outlet of your home. Imagine having a gas station right at home, you can pump your car whenever you want. The thing is, due to the rise in gas prices. The price of electricity per mile is cheaper than the cost of gasoline per mile. The average American can fuel their lives at a cheaper cost with almost no work needed, just hook it up like you would a vacuum or a toaster. A lot of electric vehicle owners leave their car connected all night, so it is always fully charged. The benefit of having your car full every time you wake up is a great perk to have, the cost also stays either the same or less than gasoline powered cars. It is more accessible, and accessibility is why electric vehicles are starting to become the car to purchase. The thing you will notice is that your electric bill will get bigger and that is because the energy at home will replace gasoline at the gas pump. 

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle at Home?

When the average homeowner buys an electric vehicle, they will notice an increase on their electric bill shortly after due to charging the vehicle up for use. Some people are starting to purchase multiple electric vehicles thus increasing their electric bill by a good amount. Getting an accurate price on the cost differs due to the different cost the cities have on their energy. You can get anywhere from $40 to $70 increase for 1000-mile months. Cities have different costs for their energy because of how much it costs them to create energy. The thing is, as more people switch to electric, more and more people will need to depend on their electrical energy. As the demand for electrical energy goes up, so will the prices.

Solar Panel Installation On Urban Home

Solar Panel Install

In the last year, plenty of Americans saw an increase on their energy bill by around 4% averagely and up to 15% for some. We can start seeing the effects demand has on an energy resource like electricity. Energy consumption and prices have push Americans to look for alternative energy that are greener and cost less than fossil fuels. One of the best renewable energy options in the market is Solar.

How Can I Use My Solar Energy to Charge My Electric Vehicle?

One of the most common things you notice in urban communities is the increase in electric vehicles and solar panels. Americans have started to act on obtaining their own energy and becoming less dependent on your utility company. Solar and electric vehicles work similarly in what they are intended to do, which is to help you save money every single month. Solar has done a great job at helping people become owners of their energy. What that means is that people own the rights to create their own energy, some solar panel owners get paid for the extra solar they create through a credit-based system since for the solar installs that connect back to the grid instead of having just a battery. Electric cars use electricity instead of gasoline and electricity costs less per mile than gasoline does, helping create some room to save money. Some Americans took advantage of the connection between solar and electrical cars, they use the free energy obtained by solar and charge their car up. They use the energy they own to charge up their car which means they can get free “gas” every single month. You would have to build a solar power plan that will provide enough energy for you to use at home and in vehicles while keeping your utility costs down. One can now choose to live a much cheaper and smarter life with the additions of a residential solar installation and an electrical vehicle. They help with everyday cost while also improving the carbon footprint gasoline powered vehicles Provide.  


The rise in demand for electrical energy and cost for fossil fuels have pushed Americans to switch to a more cost effective and green methods to live. Owners that have switched to solar can let you know that the benefits it brings, makes buying solar worth it. The great thing is that solar energy is turned into useable energy that can be used at home with your essentials or vehicles. You have the power and option to own it and use it how you see. Not only will solar help with charging your vehicle, but it will also help power your home and lower your utility bill down to where you feel more comfortable. The point of technology is to make things easier and more comfortable so that we can benefit the most from it. As technology continues to grow in our day and age, the methods on the way we live will change and we will need to be able to adjust to the times.  

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