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How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for Your Home?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

July 20 2022

The market for renewable energy has skyrocketed and companies that have invested in those efforts have grown and are starting to compete against your utility companies. In the past solar energy was not as lucrative as it is now, technology is still incredibly early, but it has improved tremendously since it was first created. Solar energy has been used for thousands of years in the form of thermal energy, it would be used to lit or warm rooms up, you are able to heat water up for use. Solar energy was not converted into electricity until the 19th century when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel found out about an effect called photovoltaic effect, it is the effect when electrical charge is created by exposing stimulated electrons to light. 

Solar Panels Resting on the home

Solar Panel Installations

The amount of energy our solar technology can produce is a great amount but the homes they support come in varied sizes with different usages. When a homeowner plans to purchase solar for their home, they must think about what kind of solar plan do you need. The target of your electric bill is what will determine the size of your solar panel installation. 

Energy Usage of a Home

Homes require a lot of energy to keep everything functioning normally as to why a lot of solar panel energy systems will stay connected to the grid. The reason is that the solar power plan you get might produce enough energy to reduce your energy bill, but not cover it completely. The usage of energy at home can come from multiple directions, tv, washer, dryer, lights, heater, electric car, phone, etc. The need for energy has increased with more technology coming into people’s homes like security systems, bigger TV’s, kitchen appliances, tools, and leisure items. Having kids can also increase your energy by a great portion and finding ways to alleviate some of the energy usage has been one of the concerns parents have had. Christmas comes around, if you are a homeowner that loves their lights displays, then you will see that increase in your utility bill. Some homes are built to be energy friendly and tend to use less energy than a home that was not made to be energy friendly. A terrific way to find out exact numbers for your home energy consumption is to look at your electric bill and see your usage and if there is anything else you can do to lower your bill. You can track how much energy you use daily and develop ways you can become more energy efficient. If you look online, you can find plenty of testimonials of homeowners that have complained about their electric bill becoming higher than ever, utility bills are starting to become an issue the average American. 

Price of Electricity

There are only so much power solar panels can provide so most solar companies will keep you wired in into the electrical grid, in months when you might produce more energy than you use, you will get credited for it. As natural gas prices go up, the demand for electrical energy will rise and price with it, and since the price of gas has skyrocketed, so has the cost to use electricity, especially with more Americans using electrical vehicles. Prices of electricity from the beginning of 2022 are about 14% higher than the cost in the beginning of the year in 2021. Electrical costs are affecting Americans because the cost of living becomes even greater. Americans now how to budget on cost of spending or adjust their daily living to save energy and money. Price of electricity has pushed Americans to find alternate way to power their home and one of those ways is solar energy. Solar energy has been used to help alleviate your utility bill. 

A close up on one of Solgen Powers solar panel install.

Solar Panel Close Up

Solar Energy at Home

Trying to combat high utility costs, Americans have turn to green alternative methods like solar to help lower the cost of your electrical bill. What solar does to help lower your electrical cost is the system provides solar energy (electrical energy obtained from the sun) by converting sunlight into usable energy. That energy is then used by you at your home, which means you do not have to use as much energy from your utility company as you used too, lowering your utility cost. Each solar panel can produce about 255 watts of energy per month and solar companies will use your roof space or large ground space to install your solar energy solar systems. 

A customer will usually talk to an energy consultant to figure out the target utility bill you are trying to hit and the number of panels that will be needed. The thing is that there is a limit of the size of the solar panels depending on how much roof space solar companies can use. Solar companies in cases where there is not enough roof space, will try out a ground mount solar panel installation, which is solar panels installed on the ground with wires being fed from underground. They will be able to use the property yard space to help create the energy that is needed. If a customer wants a system that pays for the entire utility bill, then an exceptionally large system will be needed, the number of solar panels you would need to help alleviate your electric but it all depends on where exactly you want to see your bill at. 

As the market for solar panels continues to grow, one thing to have in mind is what you want your electric bill to look like. What you want it to look like will help you understand how many solar panels will be needed for your home. Solar panels can get expensive but the outcome of owning one will pay for itself plus provide more value. With solar panels being an initial expense, homeowners will have to plan the installation with a budget and a target electric bill in mind when figuring out how they want to save money. Solar has been one of those most beneficial decisions that homeowners have made, solar provides homeowners support through many forms, not just saving money, but providing more value in equity. With time, technology will provide better solar technology and less panels will be needed to provide your home with enough usable energy to lower your utility costs. 

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