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Which Solar Panels Are Best for You?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

July 26, 2022

The solar industry over the years has evolved their ways of obtaining solar to best produce solar, even now, companies are developing ways to increase production in renewable energy like better solar panels, panels made for moonlight, solar trees, and methods that are revolutionizing the solar industry. There are a lot of different solar panels, some made for residential, others made fust to power up certain devices. 

Monocrystalline Solar Panel on roof

Solar Panel Installation on rooftop.

The two major panel types are monocrystalline and polycrystalline, both remarkably like each other but monocrystalline panels are better to the higher output rating due to its monocrystalline cells. The other solar panel is the style of the installation, we got our usual roof installation option that uses the space on your roof to install panels that will generate power for your home. The other is ground mount installation which uses the space on the ground of your property to install panels that produce electrical energy that your home will use. Both have their benefits and uses that will help the homeowner decide which panel is best for them. 

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels have taken over the market as one of the best solar panels to buy due to their high energy production and cost, they are usually more expensive, but the energy production makes up for it. You can tell it is a monocrystalline panel by looking at the rounded edges of each PV cell. For people will limited space, monocrystalline is the solar panel for you, it produces the most electrical power per square foot. Manufacturing monocrystalline solar panels compared to polycrystalline solar panels is a lot more expensive because of the technology to get more solar energy produced. With large homes, you might want to benefit from energy production monocrystalline solar panels because the panels will be able to produce the energy the large home will need for consumption. The monocrystalline solar uses one pure silicon crystal instead of multiple crystals that have been melded together. The glass on the panels has a deep black instead of the blue that the polycrystalline solar panels. Another benefit that monocrystalline solar panels is that they are better at withstanding heat. Heat slowly will break down molecules in the materials like silicon overtime, but monocrystalline solar panels are made to better handle those conditions. The payback for a monocrystalline solar panel installation is less than 5 years, what that mean is that it takes about 5 years to recover the money you spent on the money you spent on the solar panels, than after that, you can start creating some real value with the energy your panels produce. 

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The other major solar panel type is polycrystalline solar panel which is also made up of silicon and is less expensive than monocrystalline solar panels. These panels are not designed like monocrystalline solar panels which only have one large solar silicon crystal, they are made up of multiple crystals that are mended together to form a larger cell. These solar panels generate less electrical energy due to the electrons not having room to move like they can with monocrystalline solar cells, which are one large silicon cell. Polycrystalline solar panels are a lot cheaper to produce, therefore are less expensive to buy than monocrystalline solar cells, an excellent choice for somebody that wants to go solar on a budget. Due to the productivity of polycrystalline solar panels, it is not recommended if you have limited space or need high power out like for bigger homes. You can tell it is a polycrystalline by the straight edges around the solar cell instead of the curved edges that monocrystalline solar panels have. These panels also have a blue tint that can be seen quite easily while the monocrystalline solar panels have a dark black tint. Another important thing to point out is that polycrystalline solar panels perform worse if it is hot outside and will cause the panel to lose its productivity. If heat is an issue where you live, then a monocrystalline solar panel installation is the best option for you and your family as heat does not affect those panels. 

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Now that we have covered the two major types of solar panels, we will cover the 2 options of solar installations on your home or property. The biggest option for solar installations is roof mounted solar panels because they use the homes roof space to add the panels vs installing on the ground and losing walking space. Roofs can get a great deal of sunlight that will help with solar energy productivity while not being in the way. Most homeowners do not want to use their limited property space to install solar, so the roof mount is the perfect option. The cost of a roof mount solar panels is less expensive than ground mount solar installations because ground uses more equipment to keep the panels working with their home. When installing roof mount solar panels, you must make sure your roof is in good condition to be able to get approved for installation. This is due because the panels need to rest on a good, structured roof that will be able to last if the panels. If you get solar installed om a bad roof, you can get leaks and panels will not be secure in severe weather. Another thing is that if a roof replacement is coming soon then it would make sense to pay to install, pay for installation, then pay to get it reinstalled after the roof has been replaced. This creates a lot of cost and solar companies will only install solar on roofs that are in good condition to avoid this problem for homeowners in the future. 

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

The other major option homeowners have with solar companies is to get a ground mount solar installation. This is great for people that have certain roofs that solar companies will not work on, you can choose a section of your property and dedicate it to solar panels. This will help obtain solar energy when roof installation is not an option. Depending on the location of your solar panel installation, you will be making the same power that the roof installation produces. While it does not require installers to climb your roof to install, it does cost more because solar companies will now have to dig to run the wires from underground. 

Ground mount solar installation on hill.

Ground Mount Solar on a slope of a hill

Another thing is that you will require solar panels frame that hold the panels on the ground while facing them in the direction of the sun. Some homeowners will have large property spaces that can be used for solar, and a lot of farmers will install ground mounts in areas of their property to power up the whole farm. This is when the ground mount options become the choice of installation.  

The development in solar energy has directed their market to fill the needs of all customers. You have a wide range of panels that are meant to fit a specific need. If you have a budget or a specific energy plan for your home and family, you rest at ease and find the panel that fits you. All you must do is figure out where do you want your panel installed, what kind of panels you want installed, and what your targeted energy bill is so that the solar engineers can make a plan that fits that needs to be. The market for photovoltaic panels is increasing at a rapid rate and the benefits you get from them are tremendous while the earth benefits from the amount of people that get solar. Start saving and go solar. 

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