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Beginner’s Guide to Installing Solar Panels

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

August 19th, 2022

Happy customer got solar installed

Happy customers solar installation

Solar installations on residential homes have been rising fast in the last couple of years. Last year, 2021, solar was able to add 46% of new electric capabilities. That means solar was able to help the total amount of energy that the U.S. produces by 46%. That helps areas grow now that we can power them, more homes can have electricity with the peace of mind that it came from a clean energy source. The growth can be connected to multiple reasons, you got the government tax incentives that provides you with a good percentage back in taxes when you get residential solar installed. The solar tax credits were designed to help homeowners make the switch to a greener energy source in efforts to combat climate change. Another reason homeowners are switching to solar at a rapid rate is that the financials benefit like the amount of money you will save every month on your electric bills

Solar will help you save thousands over the lifetime you have solar panels installed on your property. Another great benefit is that you are using green renewable energy and it will benefit the whole planet while you save money.  

Where to Buy Solar Panels

You might notice solar panels selling in your local retailer, but those panels usually cannot convert enough power to power a home. Those panels are usually meant for small power stations where you can power a couple of devices. With the expansion of solar in the U.S., you can find a local solar panel company nearby your location. Solar panel companies have different prices and methods of installation, but they all have the same goal in mind, to save you money. When deciding to start shopping for solar panels you must look at a couple of things, price, and quality of both the panels and installation. Sometimes going for the cheapest option is not the best option, because solar panels will be in your home for 25+ years, it is good to make sure they are installed correctly, and the quality will hold up over the period of time. It is good to compare prices, but you will have to look at a couple of things, is the price good? Do they offer loans? What is the quality of the solar panels? Do the panels come with a warranty and if so, how many years? There are a lot of companies like Solgen Power that offer competitive prices, excellent communication, and high-quality solar panels with installations that are covered by a 25-year warranty. Buying solar panels has never been as easy as it is today, with the increase in technology, it makes sense to buy a money maker like solar. 

How to Decide on a Solar Array for Your Home

Solar energy systems come in many diverse types to fit the needs of the homeowner. Solar panels come with 2 major types of install methods, ground mount solar is solar panels that are installed at an angle on the ground floor of your property, this is great for homeowners with limited roof space, the other option is the more common installation which is roof mounted solar panels and those are panels that lie across the space of your roof. This common tactic is good because it will use the space of your roof. Those solar panels are mounted facing the direction of the sun and away from any shaded spots. A different mix on solar panels are solar shingles which are shingles that have solar technology and absorb solar light to create electrical energy. The shingles are designed to look like a regular roof, but the only downside is that they are less efficient than regular solar panels, so you will not be able to produce as much energy as you can. Most homeowners want to make as much as possible but there are those few that do not want to change the way their home looks. 

Professional Solar Panel Installation

For your typical solar panel installation process, there are a couple of things you can most likely expect. The process to obtain solar for your home can average about 6 months, therefore most solar companies will give you 6 months before you make your first payment on your solar panels. Installing solar will produce as much noise as roofing provides which is nothing to worry about. The loudest part is the drilling of the mounting brackets. Solar installation can take 1 – 3 days to install if there are no problems that arise. 

Residential solar install

Solar installation perfectly covering the rooftop

You might hear some drilling from the inside of your home, but installations are typically low noise installations. Most solar companies will listen to your concerns and try to work around it, anything to make the customer feel comfortable. The cost of installing parts is usually combined with the total cost of the solar panel installation so there is no need to pay an extra installation fee. Installations require electrical work and that provides for a percentage of the cost of a solar installation.  

What to Expect from Your Solar Array

One thing to expect from getting solar is the amount of attention you will get from your neighbors. Getting solar on your home may provide a “cool” factor with your neighbors and will create some positive attention. You find yourself keeping up with the amount of energy your panels are producing, it is advised to keep your eyes on the production figures to make the system is working efficiently. Any indicator that you are not producing what you are supposed to is an indicator that there is something wrong within the system like if dirt is covering the panels only allowing a limited amount of solar light to get through the silicon solar cell. You will notice that your energy bill will be a lot less than what you are used to paying because the solar panels will produce a percentage of the energy the home uses, that will help lower the amount of energy you need from your utility, therefore lowering your monthly bill. It is recommended to get your solar panels cleaned, the more often you clean them, the more optimal they will be to create energy. If any part of the solar panel installation needs repair and you are under the 25-year warranty your solar company provides, you can get the solar company to repair your system free of charge. Solar installation requires little to no maintenance, you only require looking at your panels if they happen to not perform as they should. Other than repairs, it is recommended you clean your panels often to keep them performing optimally. Solar panel cleaning services can be done by professional solar panel cleaners, or you can clean them if they are not a dangerous task with water. 

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