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Blog-Backup Power Generator vs. Battery

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

September 13th, 2022

Electrical energy is a resource that is constantly being used to keep electronics running perfectly. If you turn off the power of your fridge, you will ruin the food you have been preserving with cold temperatures. A fridge requires the device to have constant electrical energy being fed to the device to keep it working properly. Same goes for other electrical devices around your home. Power outages usually happen due to severe weather affecting the electrical systems to where they render them useless. 

portable gasoline generator operating on a construction site.

Perfect solar installation.

There has been a rise in severe weather due to the climate change the world has been experiencing. Texas had a large blackout when they experienced a bad winter storm that left them without power for days this past winter and that gave most homeowners in Texas major problems. Homeowners that had generators were still able to provide energy to their homes so they can continue their lives. Having a backup generator for home may not seem like a necessity but with how important it is to keep the power going for some people, it will provide an energy source in a time of need.  

Why Would You Need a Generator or Battery?

Americans have a habit at being prepared whether that be storing food or other essentials that you might need. Being prepared for anything that can arise can make you feel more assured, therefore comforting you. A battery or generator provides energy to your home when you lose power from the power grid. A home battery backup stores excess electrical energy and a generator creates electricity using a gas-powered generator. For homeowners that live in areas with extreme weather, it is recommended that you have a back-up plan for energy usage when the power grid fails. Snow, extreme wind, heavy rain, and other natural events can cause the power grid to fail and cut the lights out for minutes to hours. There are some rural areas that use an older power grid, those tend to fail frequently with common power outages in the area. For homes that require higher energy usage or that need constant power, it is recommended to have a backup power plan like a generator or a battery to help alleviate the stress of not having power.  

Differences Between Generators and Batteries

The concept of generators and batteries are the same, the goal is to provide electrical energy when you need it. The major difference between generators and batteries is that generators require gas to power the engine that will create the electrical energy while the battery has stored energy and cannot create energy. That means the energy you are using from the battery is limited to the electrical space it has, a generator can keep going as long as the gas keeps coming. Both batteries and generator can be used to power the entire house by connecting them into your homes’ power grid. 

Benefits of a Generator

One of the most beneficial items you can have during a power outage is a generator that will keep power going into your home. 

  • Can keep running with gas. 
  • Powers the entire home. 
  • Emergency Power.  
  • Portable Powersource. 

Drawbacks of a Generator

  • Limited to the amount of gasoline fuel you have. 
  • The carbon footprint is higher than that of a battery. 
  • Noisy, can be loud. 
  • Can’t energy trade. 

Benefits of a Battery

Having a battery full of usable electric energy is a great thing to keep around in your home for times when a power outage rises. 

  • Energy ready to be used. 
  • You can trade energy with the utility companies. 
  • Powers entire home. 
  • Combine it with solar panels for higher efficiency in green energy. 
  • Doesn’t produce emissions. 
  • Emergency Power. 
  • Connected to the main power grid. 
  • Smaller batteries will power most devices and are portable. 
  • Quiet to operate. 

Drawbacks of a Battery

  • Limited to the amount of electrical storage that is capable. 
  • Large batteries are not portable. 

Maintenance for Backup Power Sources

Both generators and batteries must be kept in safe and clean areas to preserve the integrity of the power sources. A generator is usually kept in the basement or some enclosure due to the noise pollution that comes from the engine while a battery can be kept anywhere in the home. A battery will be charged by your home or your solar panels, so you need to make sure that those components are all connected and running perfectly. If power starts to drain faster than usual, that usually indicates the battery is becoming faulty and an inspection will be needed. A generator will need oil and coolant to be inspected often. Due to the engines that are used to create electrical energy, belts and hoses will need to be inspected. A generator needs more maintenance than a battery and those needs shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding to get a generator or battery. 

Does Backup Power Work with Solar Panels?

With solar panels, generators are not as compatible as they are with a battery. A generator and a solar panel both create electrical energy and they disperse it into the battery or grid. A battery backup for a home can store the excess energy that the solar panels are creating. Some solar panel customers that are connected to the grid use excess energy to accumulate energy credits that can be used to cover energy costs on months that didn’t produce as much solar power, that helps alleviate your utility costs. For homeowners that want to go solar, it is good to think about power backup options that can compliment your solar panel installation.  

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