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How to Raise Your Property Value?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

October 4, 2022

The worth of your mortgage-free house is referred to as your home equity. In other words, equity is the amount due on your mortgage compared to the worth of your property. A home is a locked form of investment that increase in worth over time in the form of equity.

It’s crucial to accumulate equity since it increases your property’s net worth and eventually turns your debt into assets. You can also use your home equity for money to buy another home. It is called a home equity line of credit.

Solar panels facing the direction of the sun

Solar installation in Ohio by solgen power

Equity is important even if you don’t want to use it as a home equity line of credit. If you’re expecting to sell the house soon, The higher your equity, the more money you’ll receive at the closing. If you have a large amount of equity in your existing house, you may be capable of putting more money in the pot for your future property. Besides, it can enable you to buy a more pricey home the following time you’re looking.

There are several strategies to increase your home’s equity more rapidly. The most common way is to pay down your mortgage early. However, there are other ways to increase home equity. The rise in the market value of your home can raise your home’s worth. So, let’s learn how to improve your property worth using alternatives like renovation and repairs.

Home Improvements:

Kitchen Repairs:

Because the kitchen is one of the most extensively utilized parts of the property, an old-fashioned kitchen can be a bummer for many purchasers. It is especially true in older homes since kitchens are frequently undersized and cramped. The transition to a more architectural feature will improve the look of your complete kitchen.”

You don’t have to gut the space and build from scratch to get the most value for money. Instead, concentrate on a moderate redesign, such as new worktops, cabinet fronts, and hardware, as well as an improved, energy-efficient cooktop and wall oven. You may replace the kitchen sink with a mid-priced model and a new faucet.

Bathroom Repair:

A bathroom redesign can be expensive, but a mid-range repair can dramatically alter your space and give it a spa-like atmosphere. Rather than replacing your old bathtub or shower, you might save money by repairing sanitary lines, taps, and cupboards. Another method to save money is to use a less costly tile in heavy usage areas such as the floor and use specialist tile sparingly, possibly simply as an accessory. Without breaking the budget, new paint and fixtures may liven up your current bathroom and increase your home value up to 10%.

Repair The Roof:

Though Roofs repairs are expensive, many purchasers prefer a house with a new roof over an old one which they may have to repair personally. However, the cost to repair your ceiling can differ slightly depending on the materials. Still, replacing an older roof can return you a huge sum in the form of home equity. When they sell their house, many homeowners recuperate 60% to 66% of the cost of roof remodeling.

Improve Doors:

Although people often focus on the aesthetics of a home when considering value, the basic features of a home are also important. A property with solid foundations and functional additions is typical of better value than a property without such amenities. Upgrading aging front and garage doors with elevated, more efficient choices improve your property’s value. When modeling home doors, it must consider their durability and appearance and the ability to seal the house to maintain the internal temperature. It would help if you also considered security to increase people’s sense of safety.

So, if you wish to repair your home but are short of budget, the US government can help you repair it.

Stage Your Home for Sale:

If you want to sell your house for a good value, staging is a crucial step when selling a property. Staging makes your house visually more presentable and allows the customers to visualize their future in your house. Staging your house before showing it to customers attracts more customers, and there is an 80℅ chance you will meet the potential buyer in a short period. You can also ask your real estate agent to stage your house.

If you want to sell your house for a good value, staging is a crucial step when selling a property. Staging makes your house visually more presentable and allows the customers to visualize their future in your house. Staging your house before showing it to customers attracts more customers, and there is an 80℅ chance you will meet the potential buyer in a short period. You can also ask your real estate agent to stage your house.

Whereas hiring a professional will always be a good idea. The normal DIY home staging doesn’t cost much, but a specialized home staging costs around $1500 to $1700. When marketing your house online, consider staging a first and most important step because a properly staged house looks good in pictures. The more buyers submit offers to purchase your house, the more it can increase your house’s price.

Home staging helps you sell your house faster at a good price, but wrong home staging can become a nightmare. Avoid filling your walls with unnecessary paintings and wall hangings because it will give the visual of clutter. Therefore, it is better to stage your house with tasteful things that add beauty instead of going overboard. Avoid spending too much money on home staging. Make sure to prioritize only your house’s best features when staging.

These simple staging tips can make your house beautiful and help attract potential buyers. It will also help increase your home value. So make sure you stage your house before presenting it to your buyers.

Time Will Help:

Among the main advantages of property ownership is that you may start creating equity immediately by paying your mortgage and profiting from the market price hikes. Your monthly mortgage payment is applied to the principal balance and the interest. Your home equity rises as your balance declines over time. Property prices often rise over time, even though market conditions shift oppositely. Long-term homeowners frequently see equity growth that exceeds the money spent on home maintenance and mortgage payments.

Usually, potential house purchasers are advised to follow the “five-year rule,” which states that after five years, owners should have accumulated sufficient equity to repay their initial purchase expenses if they plan to sell. In short, the more time you spend in your home, the higher equity you can gain by repairing the mortgage month by month with short repayments.

Additionally, If the market cools by the time you decide to sell, you should hold out as long as possible until the market favours sellers and the value of your house rises. For these reasons, it’s important to have as much equity as possible. However, if you are unsure about your home equity, “an equity calculator” can help you.

Solar Panels:

An energy-efficient house is more appealing than one with high electricity expenses. Even in harsh conditions, power-saving home interiors are more pleasant than non-efficient houses. People are prepared to spend extra for a home with Energy Star equipment, low utility costs, and increased comfort. An effective modification you can do is to install solar panels in your house.

Solar panels are the best source to save electricity and reduce electricity bills. A home’s value improves by around $20 for every $1 reduction in electricity bills. If solar cells can save a homeowner $650 each year, that house’s price may rise by $12,000. Besides, if a homeowner possesses a solar panel system, the appraiser must estimate its additional value. However, having an experienced appraiser with solar technology knowledge to obtain an appropriate number for your property market takes time and effort.

Home solar panel installation is a wise investment. Your property value will increase significantly whether you are trying to upgrade your residence to gain equity for a future sale or create a forever residence. This extra value reduces payback periods. You can repay your expenditure and make a healthy profit at a later sale. In short, solar panels in your home will not increase your home equity and offer you management over your power usage, preventing you from rolling blackouts while assisting the environment. Moreover, you can read more about what happens to your power when using solar panels.


Borrowing against your home equity can be a sensible approach to fund goals such as home renovations or debt repayment if you carefully analyze your alternatives and verify you’re in a financial position to manage extra payments. Even if you don’t intend to sell your house or tap into your wealth anytime soon, merely establishing financial security is a major step forward.

Remember that local house prices vary over time, so the value of your property may fluctuate. When property prices in your community rise and demand rise, your home’s value also rise.

In contrast, if property values fall, you may lose some equity. It’s a good way to avoid withdrawing too much home equity line of credit from your house to protect yourself against this market upheaval. When you extract equity, using the funds to make essential home renovations can help safeguard the value of your house. At the same time, you have little authority on real estate market swings.

I am sure you know what equity means and how equity return can help you improve your financial stability. Besides, you know how to increase your property worth to gain more equity.

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