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Don’t Let Utility Companies Control You: Solgen Power

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

October 10, 2022

Electricity bills take up a huge sum of your income every month. Additionally, electricity suppliers are increasing the cost of electricity units day by day. The federal government anticipates that power prices will continue to grow until 2023, while consumer activists worry that household debts are also growing.

Electricity rates have risen 15.8% in the previous year, owing mostly to the high cost of natural gas, which is vital to produce over 40% of the country’s energy. Owing to this, the average residential utility bills might reach $0.1524/kWh in 2023, according to the US Energy Information Administration’s newest Temporary Energy forecast released. It is simply a 3.3% rise over now. Since we already know that costs are 7.5% greater today compared to the energy costs of last year.

Woman warming her hands in a radiator because of the cold of winter

Resident warming up her arms with heater

This subsequent rise in utility bills is causing financial instability in society and keeping people in debt because they cannot pay their utility bills. It has become the main reason behind rising inflation and poverty. According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, over 20 million people are short of electricity payments, and their indebtedness is increasing.

Therefore, everyone must start opting for habits to reduce utility bills. We can only reduce our electricity bills by saving and using them efficiently. The most effective way to control rising utility bills is by using less electricity. So, let’s look at how small habits can reduce electricity bills and save energy.

Change Habits At home To Consume Less Energy:

Have you ever considered how minor modifications in each home might have a significant influence on the environment? Several household energy-saving techniques are available, ranging from simple everyday lifestyles to extra funding that assists the ecosystem and lowers your electricity bills. So, here are a few easy ways to cut your electricity usage and reduce your energy cost by upto 30%.

Change the Thermostat Settings While Not at Home:

Set your thermostat to 84 degrees Fahrenheit before you leave the house and 76  degrees Fahrenheit once you return. Since you don’t need temperature maintenance when you are not at home, 76 degrees is the appropriate temperature to live comfortably while saving a lot of energy.

Turn Off Extra Lights and Use Energy Savers:

A key habit to adopt and maintain is to switch off the lights while leaving a room consistently. Make a mental note to follow this rule until it becomes second nature to you. If you do something as basic as this, you can reduce a significant portion of your daily electricity usage.

Reduce Fridge Temperature:

You may save thousands of dollars each year by increasing your fridge’s temperature by just a few points. Your refrigerator’s fresh food area just has to be 36 to 38 ° F., but frequently, refrigerators are designed to be between one to three times cooler than that. You must set the freezer compartment’s temperature to 0 to -5 degrees F.

Switch Coffee Maker Off:

Before you go out for the day, switch off and disconnect your coffee machine. Coffee makers and related equipment sometimes incorporate additional functionality that is always in use, like a clock or timer. As a result, it utilizes power even when it isn’t in use and becomes a “phantom load” as soon as it is connected.

Efficient Use Of Dishwasher:

Rather than using a hand washer, use your dishwasher. For a full load of dishes, a dishwasher uses around 9 times as much water as handwashing. Accordingly, your dishwasher may help you save more than 6,000 gallons of water yearly, significantly reducing energy costs. Instead of running your dishwasher throughout the day, do so at night to reduce power demand during peak times. Based on your utility costs and house thermostat, you might be able to save money by doing this. It also benefits the environment.

Unplug gadgets and chargers:

It goes without saying that unplugging devices when they’re not in use is necessary. Do not keep equipment on sleep; instead, disconnect them to save money and energy and protect the environment. To switch off all your household appliances at once, you connect them to a power cord and unplug them when leaving home.

Air Dry Clothes And Dishes:

Electrical appliances are time effective, but they are not cost-effective. The more you use them, the more your energy consumption will increase. So it’s better to rely on electrical devices less.

You can do it by not running your washing machine to dry your clothes. Instead, air dries them on the clothesline. Additionally, you can turn your dishwasher off to reduce the time of your dishwasher cycle. You can easily air dry your dishes hygienically while saving energy.

Instead Of Hot water, Use Cold Water.

We frequently waste hot water. As you know, dishwashing, personal hygiene, and bathing doesn’t always require hot water usage. The hot water usage increases your electricity bills unnecessarily. Therefore, increasing the use of cold water will aid you in saving electricity. I’m not suggesting you get to bathe in cold water, but you must try it.

Keep a Check on HVAC equipment.

Must maintain regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Both houses and flats may use this. Quickly inform the management unit to inspect your specific unit if it appears that your HVAC system is not performing as it should. Whether you are a homeowner, consider the system as a whole to determine if any upgrades or replacements may be performed.

Switch To Energy Efficient Appliances:

Electrical appliances eat up a lot of energy. You can’t save energy even if you use them less frequently unless you switch your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. So, read about how you can switch to energy-efficient appliances.

Smart LEDs:

Many households are switching to smart LED lights since they look attractive and are less expensive. Additionally, they are energy efficient too. They consume 80% less energy compared to halogen once.

Install DC Inverters:

DC devices use less energy compared to its. So installing a DC inverter can help you reduce your electricity bill and save energy.

Replace old appliances with new energy-efficient ones:

Residents living in less energy-efficient structures increase the energy burden by using old appliances. At least 1.3 million families in New York state are overdue on their utility payments by at minimum two months. Old appliances use large amounts of energy to heat, cool, and power anything increasing your burden of utility bills.

Not all home appliances and electrical equipment are energy efficient. So make sure you install one that uses less energy. Moreover, replacing your old equipment with new ones can help you save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Spin your ceiling fans clockwise:

 When it’s hot, consider switching your ceiling fan rotation to push cold air down and draw warm air up rather than using an air conditioning system. Turn off all ceiling fans before leaving your room to conserve more energy.

Stop using the video game console for entertainment:

Make sure not to view those films on your gaming console if you enjoy video streaming. They consume 45 times as much energy as a smart TV, which quickly adds up (for the environment and your wallet).

Do An Energy Audit:

Doing an energy audit can help you keep a check and balance on your electricity consumption. So let’s dig deep.

What exactly are energy audits?

When attempting to save energy and money, energy audits are beneficial. To begin, every home section is evaluated to gather as much data on the quality and quantity of energy utilized as feasible. It considers the electricity usage of  Lights, water heaters, water motors, air conditioners, and electrical equipment. After audits, you know where there is high energy consumption and how to reduce it. So,  Here are a few of the advantages of doing frequent energy audits over electricity usage.

Reduced consumption:

Energy audits save money by finding where you are wasting electricity and contribute to a better environment. Without an audit, utilize utilizing more power than necessary increases your expenditures.

With natural resources depleting, we need to make our residences and businesses as energy efficient and effective as possible. Improving energy efficiency saves you money in the short term and makes your home more environmentally friendly.

2. Lower energy costs

You will also see financial benefits when you reduce your monthly power use. Many excessive power bills may go unreported due to a variety of circumstances. It may be as simple as upgrading to energy-saving led bulbs or upgrading technology to become more energy efficient.

In short, It may help you reduce your expenditures via wise consumption and regular check and balance. It will allow you to analyze your usage, develop budgets, and set consumption goals. Hence, staying proactive in energy management will save energy and money in the long run. Updating appliances will also end up more cost-effective functioning in the future.

How Solar Panels Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bills:

Solar panels are one of the greatest and most rapidly expanding kinds of renewable energy on the marketplace, and it’s simple to understand why. Many great things may happen when you plan to spend on a solar panel system. They assist in saving electricity that would otherwise be drawn from the electricity supplier’s units, solar panels reduce your electricity costs, and they may provide a good financial return.

Low Power Usage Through Suppliers:

By installing solar panels, you use the sun, which is a natural and free energy source. Therefore, after initial expenditure, it does not cost you anything.  When the panels create power and are linked to your electrical wire, the household utilizes its electricity instead of the one supplied by the electricity provider.

As a result, you will undoubtedly save money on your power bills because the meter will not be working. The problem is that solar panels only operate until the availability of sunlight, which is normally from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. However, it will still assist you in saving in another method throughout that period.

Cost Cutting On Electricity Bills:

The electricity generated by your panels is saved in the transformer grid of your city or neighborhood. Power is transferred to utility suppliers so the rest of the city can utilize it.

Don’t get surprised by it. Keep in mind that the solar panel system does not offer free energy. Contrastingly, whenever this surplus energy is delivered electricity to the system, your meters automatically revert. This, of course, depends on the additional power quantity, but it would still cut your power costs.

Second, a device known as home energy storage can be used to store your solar energy. These devices are compatible with the majority of photovoltaic grids.

That extra power generated by solar penal setup is stored within the tiny house battery, allowing you to consume it afterward, at night, or in the case of energy crises and shortfalls. This can also help you in power cut situations during rain or storms:


Certain items in your home consume more electricity than others. The following are among the most prevalent causes of electricity waste: Keeping lights, laptops, and other devices switched on continuously, Air leaks in air conditioners or connections, improperly weatherproof doors or windows, old heaters or fans being used instead of the Ventilation system, inefficient lighting, underperforming air conditioners, and outdated electrical appliances.

All of these items consume more energy than necessary. You may keep your expenditures under control by updating to more energy-efficient equipment, doing regular energy audits and maintenance, and being mindful of your total energy consumption. Machineryelectrical appliances, for example, account for the majority of electricity consumption. However, you can save money by utilizing electrical equipment during off-peak times when electricity costs are lower. . Switching to off-peak hours can reduce energy waste and give you significant long-term savings. Furthermore, solar penal installation is the most effective strategy to reduce your power expenditures. Even though it is a massive investment, it pays off in the best way possible and has several other benefits too.

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