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Powering Home with Green Energy Solutions

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

October 19, 2022

Using green energy solutions to power homes has been popular over the last few decades. Developed countries are steadily switching to renewable energy sources due to the reduced overall costs and tax incentives offered by the governments.

Unlike fossil fuels, green energy sources are naturally replenished over time, providing a continuous supply. Homeowners have the option to save money by taking ownership of a green energy source in their place of residence. 

large solar install on country home

Solar installation in Washington by Solgen Power

Using solar panels or a wind turbine can reduce your dependence on electricity provided by the gridline. One great advantage of powering a home with green energy solutions is the significant impact on electricity and heating bills. All sources of green energy work differently. Some depend upon easier input but with limited outputs and vice versa. Some use wind turbines or water flow to generate electricity while others take power from the sunlight.

Let’s discover more about the different types of green energy solutions you can easily use in your home.

Solar Power

Solar power is the technology that can effectively power our daily requirements for residential buildings. As sunlight hits a solar panel, it gets converted into Report: Untitled Report was generated on Sunday, Oct 16, 2022, 07:08 AM Page 4 of 10 electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Then, a solar inverter converts DC to AC. This electrical current can then be used throughout the house. Also, solar power can produce thermal energy for heating rooms, offices, and water heating systems. Being a clean energy source, it provides a great solution to the world’s current power crises.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar panel installation saves money and energy but also is a great way to increase your property value. The benefits of solar panel installation vary in different regions.

Here are some common benefits of installing a solar energy solution in your home.

Reduce Energy Bills

Solar energy is a cost-saver on your electricity bills from day one. It produces enough power to fulfill all your domestic needs completely. Further, it can capture and store energy in batteries to deliver backup during a blackout or power shortage. Moreover, solar panel systems require little or no maintenance. After an initial capital cost, solar panels appear to be economically profitable for you. You save a lot of money every month with solar energy.


Being independent of other energy sources and having more available options is the unique advantage of solar energy. Advanced solar panels allow people to take ownership of effective energy sources. In short, solar frees them from the dominance of typical utility companies.

Earn Tax Credits and Incentives

Report was generated on Sunday, Oct 16, 2022, 07:08 AM Page 5 of 10 take ownership of effective energy sources. In short, solar frees them from the dominance of typical utility companies. Earn Tax Credits and Incentives Solar Incentives have helped push homeowners to move to green energy solutions. People can earn tax credits and benefit from solar tax incentives, which vary from region to region. These incentives are a kind of acknowledgment or gift for citizens to switch to green energy. With the passing of a recent rebate bill, homeowners can cash out a 30 percent tax credit for PV system installation between 2022-32. This tax credit will drop down to 26 for 2033 and 22 percent for the upcoming years. The Washington Green Energy Incentive Program includes a production-based financial incentive for customers using renewable resources. The program voluntarily offers these incentives to qualified consumers.

Environment-friendly Solution

Biden Green Energy plan aims to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by using clean, renewable resources. Solar energy prevents air pollution and the greenhouse effect, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy sources. It can help reduce the disastrous effects of climate change. To enjoy all these benefits, don’t hesitate to contact a certified green energy company in your vicinity to get the best green energy solutions.

Increases Home Value

Green energy solutions offer tons of incentives and benefits to homeowners. Among these, a significant increase in home value with the installation of solar systems is worth-mentioning. In the United States of America, solar panels can raise a house’s value by nearly 4.1 percent. If we convert this into numbers, a 1 million dollar real estate can receive a rise of $41,000.

How Solar Energy is Used to Heat your Water or Food

Heating water or food using solar power is much cheaper than fossil fuels. Solar water heaters use sunlight efficiently to heat a water reservoir. Heated water is then pumped through radiators or out of your showerheads. Even if you don’t want to power your home entirely with green energy solutions, solar heating can help cut off your monthly utility bills.

Solar power is a renewable resource that can help homeowners reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and
promote sustainability in the home. People can now use electrical appliances without fear of increasing electricity bills. You only need effective planning to use home renewable energy systems.

In addition, you can use a solar oven to heat your food. It works by harnessing sunlight to cook or heat food passively. Unlike typical electric ovens, a solar oven can work and heats food for free. You no more need to eat a cold meal due to power shortage.


Hydroelectric power is one of the reliable energy sources. It gathers energy from the flowing water to run the turbines. However, it’s only available to people with flowing water nearby their residencies. If you have a running water supply near your home, you might consider Hydro. A small water body with a good flow would be perfect for a hydropower installation project for a home. You can simply divert the flowing water to pass through a hydroelectric generator in a controlled way to produce electricity for your residential needs.

Advantages of Hydropower

Hydropower is a reliable and safe renewable source. It has immense advantages in terms of stability and continuous output. Unlike the sun and wind, you will get the same input until the water flows. Your generator will always power your house, providing you with complete peace of mind.

The Downsides with Hydropower

Setting up a hydro generator is difficult and requires a professional with engineering knowledge to install it. Also, a hydropower generator is usually expensive and has harmful environmental consequences. Limited reserves are available, and only people living near water bodies can enjoy this source. Moreover, drought potential also limits the reliability of hydroelectric power.

Wind Power

Wind turbines gather wind power to generate electricity for homes. Installing a small wind turbine does not require a large land. A small plot at your home is enough for a small rotating turbine. Having your energy source at home can not only save you cost, but you can sell the excess energy for profit if you want. Two options are available for home wind turbines: roof-mounted or freestanding. You can simply connect the turbine to a remote battery or the grid. Sustained winds of at least 10 MPH are needed to generate significant electric power. As the speed of wind increases, energy production also increases. Further, a wind turbine’s height also affects the energy production rate.

Advantages of Wind Power

Wind energy is more stable than sunlight. It is truly among the economical green energy solutions with excellent conversion efficiency. The wind blows almost everywhere and is excellent in remote areas. A proper size wind turbine can generate most or all your electricity needs. If you have sufficient investment, you can launch a small turbine on your land to power your home.

The Downsides of Wind Turbines

Wind energy is remote and intermittent. It cannot deliver consistent power. A few downsides to wind turbines limit their popularity in residential areas. Wind energy can cause extensive noise pollution and affect wildlife. Depending on a residential area, local laws and certain zoning regulations may prohibit the use of wind turbines. For instance, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports zoning issues aren’t allowing buyers to freely install these wind-based green energy solutions. Neither existing law properly discusses wind power nor the complicated nature of zoning facilitating its usage. Like some states prohibit the installation of structures higher than 25 feet. So, running with these complexities, fulfilling legal requirements, and then relying on an unpredictable energy source isn’t viable for homeowners.

Green is Clean

Green energy solutions are setting the future, offering cleaner alternatives to conventional energy sources. These have the potential to cope the environmental pollution and climate hazards. The world understands that fossil fuels can no longer provide a reliable solution to our extensive energy needs. Therefore, green options were created to save the environment from the consequences of burning fuel. Green energy companies are developing various advanced solutions to create a sustainable future without damaging the planet. Readily replenished, green energy sources are economically viable and good for the surrounding area.

Why Solar is the Best Option for Residential Green Energy

After reviewing various aspects of green energy resources, we conclude that solar power is the best option for residential green energy. Solar technology is shaping the future with its advanced photovoltaic panels. Of course, it has the potential to deliver a sustained output in variable environmental conditions. Its cost-effective nature and sustained output make it superior to other alternatives.

Advanced PV panels are a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for residential purposes. Hot and sunny locations generally receive the best results, but the residents of cloudy areas like Washington and Ohio can also enjoy the outstanding benefits of solar energy at home.

You just need to complete a quick assessment to determine whether your home qualifies for solar services. From there, a certified solar energy company will provide you with a free quote. Also, they will help you calculate the cost savings you will get in the future by switching to solar.

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