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How Much Does Solar Benefit the Environment

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

October 24, 2022

The sun has proven to be a great resource when it comes to powering the earth. In fact, it provides us with enough energy to satisfy global demand. As it is readily available, it makes for the perfect source of energy. Although solar energy hasn’t taken over just yet, the private and public sectors are investing heavily to create the infrastructure needed to exploit this renewable power source.

Harvesting solar energy has been costly and inefficient in the past. However, significant progress has been made in the past two decades and solar energy generation has grown 300-fold. 

Installing a solar panel on the roof of a customer

Solar installer on the roof

It has all been possible due to technological advancements that promise to increase our reliance on solar. So, if you are wondering “are solar panels bad for the environment”, you have come to the right place. Our post takes a close look at how solar panels help the environment.

Climate Change

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Devastating hurricanes and tsunamis are starting to become the new reality. Countless lives have been lost due to climate change and if we don’t take action, it might be too late. There has been progressive warming of the oceans which is extremely alarming and can affect countries in ways that we have not witnessed before.

If temperatures continue to rise, not only will we see more hurricanes and tsunamis but there will be more destruction. Mother Nature is only preparing the unleash its fury if we don’t do anything now. The Atlantic is heating up year after year and is causing wetter and more powerful storms. No country is going to be spared. Moreover, we might be seeing more of disruptive and damaging winds along with floods and heatwaves which will lead to an increase in loss of life. The environment is far from isolated and the way we interact with the world has a huge role to play. Ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and can plunge the world into chaos. Hence, we have to consider the advantages of solar energy to the environment if we want to save our planet.

Solar Energy

Is solar power better for the environment? Solar energy replaces the need for non-renewable resources like gas and petrol. Although fossil fuels have been traditionally used for power generation, they have an adverse effect on our planet. This is why using solar energy is essential. It has a low environmental impact and is easily available. As the world still relies on fossil fuels for most of the energy demands, there is a need to ditch these finite resources.

When fossil fuels are burned, they take a toll on the environment and cause air and ocean pollution which result in the destruction of our ecosystem. However, it is very much possible to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by switching to solar energy. It is an excellent alternative energy source that can ease the transition from fossil fuels. Even though all renewable energy sources come under a similar category, solar power has proven to be a much better option.

Deriving energy from the sun is far more sustainable and will only continue to become easier as technology progresses. It is clear that solar energy has minimum negative impact and doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases nor does it pollute the water. It also requires minimum maintenance when compared to nuclear power plants. Besides, it doesn’t cause noise pollution which makes it an ideal option for urban areas.

A great thing about solar energy is that it can be deployed just about everywhere as long as there is some sunshine. Hence, remote regions can be targeted for generating electricity. Since many parts of the world don’t even have access to electricity, solar panels are the best option. Furthermore, solar energy can even be used for powering boats and spacecrafts to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Change Is Near

The current state of the environment might be in decline but we are taking efforts to reverse climate change. There is no denying that climate change is possibly the biggest threat to life on earth. However, a variety of solutions are being deployed for protecting the planet. The Paris Agreement was signed by world leaders in 2015 to bring about change. The main objective of governments across the globe is to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the target of zero emissions as soon as possible.

Since the oceans and forests are vital for regulating the environment, governments are coming together to increase the ability of oceans and forests to absorb emissions. On top of this, there is a need to avoid using any fossil fuels like gas, petrol, and coal as extracting and burning these worsens climate change. Also, efforts are being taken to restore nature. Rewilding schemes are being launched on a massive scale to give land back to nature. Moreover, forests need to be protected at all costs. Industrialization needs to be controlled so that climate change is controlled. In addition to this, plastic consumption has to be reduced. After all, plastic is made using oil. The process is carbon-intense and takes a huge toll on the environment. Besides contributing to harmful emissions, plastic is difficult to dispose which is why governments are trying to eliminate or restrict the use of plastics.

In order to combat climate change, we also have to invest in renewable energy sources such as solar energy. The pros and cons of solar energy on the environment show that it makes for the perfect resource. If you are wondering how do solar panels help the environment, you need to consider the following.

  • Reduces Air Pollution: One of the ways that solar panels protect our environment is by reducing air pollution. Solar energy is sustainable and clean. It is essential for eliminating harmful emissions produced by traditional energy sources. Thus, an improvement in air quality can be expected. Also, no greenhouse gasses are produced by solar panels.
  • Reduces Water Wastage: Another reason why solar energy is beneficial for the environment is that it doesn’t pollute water resources. Solar panels rely on solar photovoltaic cells for generating power, whereas, fossil fuels use water for electricity generation.
  • Decreases Reliance on Fossil Fuels: A great thing about solar panels is that they help limit our dependence on fossil fuels. Since fossil fuels are expensive and take a toll on the environment, solar panels offer a better alternative. Besides, fossil fuels are finite and would become far too expensive to harness in the future. Therefore, solar energy is the way to go.
  • Decreases the Carbon Footprint of Households: Residential solar panels can easily cut down up to 80% of the carbon emissions produced by households. When people install a solar panel system, they will also benefit from lower utility bills and reduce their annual carbon footprint
  • Improves Human Health: Dangerous pollutants produced by the extraction and burning of fossil fuels is to blame for severe respiratory problems like pulmonary inflammation, bronchitis, asthma, and even chronic respiratory disease. By installing solar panels, it is possible to reduce health issues.

Investing in solar energy can help reduce climate change risks. By preventing the burning of fossil fuels on a massive scale to produce energy, climate change can be reversed and the threat of global warming can be prevented altogether.

Go Solar

Solar energy has changed the world for the better. It holds the answer for combatting climate change and improving the world. Over the last two decades, the global market for solar energy has grown exponentially thanks to heavy subsidies. As more and more solar panel systems are installed across the globe, generating electricity will become a lot more affordable, especially in regions that benefit from plenty of sunlight.

Technology improvements will be made in the coming years which will only make solar cheaper and ensure that solar energy is used widely for electricity production in most countries. It will have a positive impact on our environment and slow down climate change. As we move forward, higher efficiency is expected which will ensure that more power is generated than ever before. Tandem silicon cells will be used for changing the world.

Anyone who wants to play a role in helping combat climate change and protect the environment should consider installing solar panels in their home. It is easy to install and tends to be extremely flexible. In fact, it is possible to install solar panels just about anywhere. Hence, solar installations will continue to increase and help save our planet. We still have the opportunity to make the world a better place. Besides, installing solar panels allows you to take advantage of generous tax credits. This means that you will get to spend less money on their installation.

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