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Electric Cars 2022: With Gas Becoming More Expensive, Is It Time to Go Electric?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

November 9, 2022

Electric vehicles aren’t called the wave of the future for nothing. The world is constantly adapting itself to the ever-changing climate, inflation, and depletion of resources. While the increasing energy demand heightens the risk of excessive carbon emission, the shortage in fuel foreshadows a persistent inflation problem for vehicle owners.

The current global economic crisis is challenging low-income households struggling to stand upright. With gas prices touching the roof and showing no sign of stopping, it’s time to do something about it. Purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) could get you ahead of the curve by saving you money.

Electric charging station, black and blue charging handles

With solar panels and electric cars emerging as the saviors needed to curb the fuel and energy crisis, let’s help you uncover why it’s time for you to board the bandwagon too.

Gas Prices On the Rise

After the gas prices mid-peaked in June, 83% of the surveyed voters that got gas often for their cars believed that the country isn’t moving in the right direction.

For a homeowner, spending on gas is something you can’t escape. But the current inflation has made even traveling to work something hard to afford. The minute you get used to the hiked gas prices, they rise again, leaving you no time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Are you holding out on getting an electric car because you think the gas prices will eventually go down? Well, here are some reasons why we think continuous inflation is here to stay.


Russia is the largest producer of oil and gas. The restrictions on the country as a consequence of its invasion of Ukraine resulted in hiked gas prices all over the world. With the Russian ostracization by the West not looking to end anytime soon, things with gas prices aren’t expected to get better either.

Increase in Demand

Europe relied majorly on Russia as its oil source. With Russia out of the picture, the EU depends on other oil sources like the rest of the world. This significant increase in demand for a resource that is already in shortage automatically means the prices will hit the sky.

So unless the world is magically blessed with a new major oil source, you will continue to be short on luck with gas prices.

Costly Transport of Oil

Since now countries are looking to other sources of oil than Russia, the distance and time taken for the transport of oil from these sources is significantly more. Hence this contributes to the increase in gas prices for the average citizen.

Electric Cars As a Solution

Love them or hate them, electric cars are a revolutionary invention. Though, compared to gas cars, it’s not like there are
no drawbacks to electric vehicles. However, considering our socio-economic crisis, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Low Cost

Unless you opt for a hybrid electric vehicle, your car will only need electricity to run. The electricity prices are significantly lower than the gas prices right now. Not to mention that some people have started using solar energy to power their cars.

That means when it comes to your electric car, you can practically run it without suffering the fuel and electric costs both. Pretty good deal if you ask us.


Though electric cars do emit a degree of greenhouse gas when charged from an electric grid, the pollution is significantly less than that caused by a gas car. Gas cars have internal combustion engines resulting in the emission of exhaust emissions.

Apart from that, using solar panels to charge your car will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fewer Parts, Less Maintenance

An electric car requires fewer parts than a conventional gas car. So you save up on the maintenance cost as well. Electric cars also need their batteries replaced, but that’s after 8-9 years of use.

If you get a hybrid electric vehicle, though, that will still contain the needed parts of a gas car. So, its maintenance will be more than that of a pure electric vehicle.

Government Incentives

Electric vehicles can benefit the government in its mission to cut greenhouse gas emissions as close to none as possible. To offset the high price of electric vehicles and encourage people to purchase them, the government even passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

The act includes an electric vehicle tax credit of up to $7500 for both electric and hybrid electric vehicles. This is a perfect chance for low-income households to invest in an EV.


With an electric vehicle charger, you can charge your car within the comfort of your home.

To accommodate the owners of electric vehicles, 2022 saw a rapid increase in charging stations. So, if you are a fan of road trips, there are plentiful charging stations set up at different locations to accommodate you during your trip. If we talk about how much it costs to charge an electric vehicle with a commercial charger, then it ranges between $10 – $30 for one full charge from an empty battery.

AWD Electric Vehicles

If you’re someone who travels a lot using routes both smooth and rugged, you may think electric cars cannot compete with gas cars. However, AWD electric vehicles, with their independent control on the rear and front wheels, make them an exceptional competitor in terms of performance.

Such cars will give you a premium experience during your long road trips.

Solar Can Become Your New Fuel Station

People were already installing solar panels in their homes as power backups and to save on electric bills, but using that energy to charge your electric vehicle is even better.

Here are some benefits of using solar technology for your fuel station.

Extremely Low Cost

Charging your electric vehicle using a solar panel will cost you less than $.11 per kWh compared to charging at $.40 per kWh with a personal electric grid or at $.69 per kWh with a public charger.

The numbers speak for themselves, and it’s not like you’d require multiple solar charging stations.

No Carbon Footprint

It’s a widely known fact that electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels which is a major cause of carbon emissions. That carbon emission pollutes the air and has a significant negative impact on the ozone layer resulting in climate change.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy. So, if you use solar panels to charge your electric car, it’ll guarantee zero carbon footprint from your vehicle. This is why the government has set up different incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles and solar panels.

Energy Storage

You may think that with solar energy, you may be depending on sunlight, making the whole idea useless at night. But that’s where you’re wrong. Even if you don’t get to charge your car during the day, energy generated from the solar can easily be stored for later use in the night or as a backup.

So, not only do you help the environment, solar may reduce your money problems significantly if you’re low on income.

Go Electric

Electric cars are all the rage and are only getting better and more convenient as time passes. There are different options and types of these vehicles available to suit everyone’s needs, e.g., AWD electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, etc.

Are Electric Vehicles the Future?

With the market diversifying with different models of electric vehicles, 2022 has witnessed people preferring these cars over conventional diesel and gas vehicles.

Two reasons make electric cars the go-to vehicle of the future.


With inflation showing no sign of slowing down, life is becoming difficult for low-income households. After having to go through the financial instability credited to the pandemic, an economic crisis is not something to take lightly. Analyze your finances and calculate how much you’re spending on gas and electricity. You’ll see that you’ll save many times what you spend now with a solar-charged electric vehicle.

Smart Investment

Getting an electric vehicle combined with the added expense of a solar panel may seem like an investment you can’t bear. However, it’ll
save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only will you practically be running your car on nothing, but the solar panels will save you the electricity bills dedicated to breaking your bank.

Getting an electric vehicle and solar panels are considered one of the top investments you could make right now. Don’t miss out and save yourself the future regret. Even if you feel like you aren’t ready to make the change, a hybrid electric vehicle could be perfect for getting your feet wet with electric vehicles without having to commit fully.

Final Word

With the world moving forward quickly, don’t get left behind just because you’re used to conventional practices. Solar panels combined with electric vehicles are solutions to all the problems the current socio-economic crisis has put you in.

To get started, reach out to Solgen Power to discuss in detail how solar is exactly what you need and how they can help you with their exceptional services.

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