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What do You Need to Know Before Going Solar?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

November 23, 2022

The solar energy industry moves quickly and has a lot of new ideas coming out all the time. Customers might feel a little lost by this fast pace and wonder what solar energy can do for them.

Getting your home’s power from a green source, like solar panels, has a lot of benefits. Your carbon footprint will be smaller, your power costs will go down, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping to keep the earth healthy.

Customer getting photo taken with their new solar panel

Customer are getting photo taken with their new solar panel.

Using free and plentiful electricity from the sun is a good idea for several reasons. But the first and most important reason is that burning fossil fuels to get the energy we need is much worse for the environment than using solar energy to power the world.

Because technology is improving, solar energy will become more affordable. By the year 2030, solar energy will likely surpass all other types of energy as the primary source of electricity in many of the world. This will also be good for the environment and the way climate change is going as a whole.

Switching to solar power is an important step that must be taken if we want to make progress against climate change and the slow but steady warming of our planet. A typical home solar system can stop about 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released over 20 years. This is the same as not driving a car 100,000 miles.

Also, using solar power doesn’t make any noise because most solar power-installed applications don’t have moving parts. Solar power is not only quiet, but it is also good for the environment.

If you make your power, you will only need energy from the grid when you use more than you make. Also, if you make more energy than you need, you may be able to sell the extra energy back to the grid, which will lower your utility bills even more.

Solar is easy and quick to install, and it can be used to power anything from a watch to a whole city. This should mean that the number of solar panel installers will continue to grow over the next ten years. This is because solar energy can power anything from a watch to a city. This could also be very good for the environment and climate. Many companies provide solar installation training.

Solar energy can make the effects of climate change and air pollution less severe. If you want to help the world naturally, switching to a source of energy that doesn’t release greenhouse gases is one of the best things you can do.

Because it’s getting harder and harder to deny that burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment, more and more people are choosing to use solar energy to power their homes and businesses. We need to put money into the technologies and infrastructure that will make it easier for people worldwide to get solar power installed. Some parts of the world are already seeing this start to happen. People from all over the world are starting to pay more attention to how our planet is doing.

Roof Inspection

You might be thinking about using solar energy differently or putting a solar energy system on the roof of your house. Only so many solar solutions work for everyone, but the following resources may help you figure out what’s best for you.

Solar shingles or panels need some space to work right. You’ll need a certain amount of space, depending on your house’s size and how much electricity you want to make. Most of the time, you need less than 200 square feet of roof space. There shouldn’t be any things like skylights, pipes, or chimneys that get in the way.

Other important things to consider when deciding if a property is a good fit for solar energy are how much sun it gets and how steep the roof is. For example, roofs that face north get much less sun than roofs that face south. The best places for solar panels are on the roofs of homes that face south, southeast, or southwest.

Before spending money on solar panels, you should ensure you have a place for them. Since most solar panels are put on the roof of the house, older homes may need repairs, changes, or even a whole new roof before they can hold solar panels.

It would help if you compared the warranty on your roof to your solar panels, another thing to think about. If you have solar panels that will last 20 years but a roof that will only last 10 to 15 years, the maintenance solar install cost goes up. Try to make both projects the same length so you can spend less time, energy, and money on them.

When you put solar panels on your roof, the weight of your roof will go up. It could fall if these solar panels add too much weight for your roof to hold. This is very risky for many reasons, and it’s also costly. To avoid these problems, you should have a professional look at your roof to see if it needs extra support from solar panel installers.

Solar panels should be put on your roof so that they face southwest. The truth is that it doesn’t matter as much as you might think which way your panels face. The panels can face west or south but also work well when facing southeast, east, or north-northwest.

How much solar install cost to install depends significantly on what kind of roof you have. Putting solar panels on a roof made of Spanish tiles or shakes will cost more than putting them on a roof made of asphalt shingles. Tile and shake are both much more fragile than asphalt shingles. Any connection points that go through the roof need extra time and care to seal. Due to the extra time, the cost of the solar panel installers’ work could go up by 10% to 25%.

What is Your Monthly Energy Usage?

Knowing how much power your home uses and how it compares to the norm, you can look for differences and figure out what might be causing them. Once you’ve figured out which factors impact how much electricity your house uses, the next step is to find ways to start cutting back.

Most homes use energy all year long for lighting, heating water for showers, and running the fridge. When these three last uses were added together, they comprised 27% of the total energy used in homes in 2015.

The rest (21%) of residential energy use comes from a growing number of consumer electronics, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, video game consoles, and internet streaming devices. These devices include televisions, cooking appliances, washing machines, and dryers, in addition to a growing list of other consumer electronics.

If you get solar power installed, you can make your source of electricity. With a battery system, you can store any extra energy your solar system makes so that you can use it to power your home when the sun goes down. This reduces the electricity you need to purchase from the grid to keep your home’s lights on. So, switching to solar energy is a great idea that will help you, your family, your bank account, the environment, and other people.

Solar power can be used right away inside your home. Also, if your solar panels produce more energy than you need, you can store the extra power in a solar battery storage system so it will be ready to use when you need it. This means that you will get less power from the grid, saving you money on your bills, and you will use more of the electricity you make than you would if you only used solar panels.

A residential solar power system must produce enough electricity to meet a home’s electricity needs. It should also be able to provide alternating current (AC) power because, traditionally speaking, all homes need AC power to run lighting systems, gadgets, appliances, and equipment like computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs, and music systems. It should be able to provide AC electricity.

The size and type of the system will determine how much the home solar install cost. There are two kinds of solar power plants: those that are not connected to the grid and those that are.

If you are still concerned about the cost benefits of solar panels, you could show your monthly electricity bill to your solar panel provider and ask for the final quotes. This will help you get clarity about how much you can save by using solar energy.

Where do You Want the Solar Panels Installed?

The way solar panels are set up may have a significant effect on how much energy they produce. When you think about how output affects cost-effective panels, you can see how important it is to get it right.

Knowing where your solar panels should be placed is essential to get the most out of your solar panels. This is true whether you install solar panels in a home or a business. Understanding this idea is essential because the way and where solar panels are placed can significantly affect how much energy they produce.

If you want a quick answer, solar panels facing south are the best choice for most residential properties. Your solar panels should face somewhere between the south and west to get the most sunlight. Putting your panels in this spot will soak up the most sunlight during the day. If the shape of your roof doesn’t let it face the right way, surface-mounted panels or pole-mounted panels might be your best choice. You could also adjust the tilt angle of the panels to a certain degree to make up for the effect of direction.

When your roof faces east or west, and there is no way for the solar panels to face south, you can install more solar panels to get more energy. There is also the option of putting the panels on a rack that faces south, but this would be a more expensive solution.

Some people even put solar panels on the walls of their homes that face south to get the most energy out of them. Even though this is not common, it is an excellent way to get your local solar installers as much sunlight as possible when the local zoning law lets you.

When it comes to latitude, if you move away from the south, your energy output will go down more the farther north you are. When it comes to roof pitch, solar panels that don’t face south will produce less energy at a faster rate if your roof is steep.

Adding more solar panels is one way to make up for the fact that there is less sunlight. Solar panels make up only a tiny part of the solar panel installer’s cost. You should be able to add a few more panels without making the costs go up by much.

Most people who put solar panels on their homes want them to be attached to the top of their homes. Because of this, some people think they must be put on the roof. On the other hand, this only happens sometimes. Solar panels on roofs have some advantages, such as being protected from strong winds and not being affected by the shadows of nearby trees.

What is Your Credit Score?

With solar panels, homes can now be powered in a way that is better for the environment and doesn’t depend on the power grid. Converting to solar energy might be expensive, but there are many ways to pay for the panels and their installation. The best loans for solar panels have flexible payment plans, low fees, low-interest rates, and no down payment.

A solar system is like buying any other good, like a car. Loans and other payment options like EMI have made buying and owning cars, homes, and cell phones easier. Most solar companies offer three ways for homeowners to pay for solar panel systems: cash, loan, or lease.

Many companies offer solar loans with no down payment and options to pay off the loan early without penalties. Some people think of solar loans as a type of loan for home repairs. Because of this, they come with many different payment plans, terms, and rates.

Homeowners like solar loans because installing solar panels lowers their power bills. The money saved on bills can then be used to repay the loan each month.

You will get a lump sum of money if approved for a personal loan. Personal loans benefit from getting the money quickly; some lenders even give the money on the same day. You’ll usually have between two and seven years to pay back the loan, and you’ll have a set interest rate and monthly payment amount.

After you’ve thought about them, compare the prices of a few solar companies. Then, after getting prequalified for a personal loan, compare the terms and rates of the personal loan to the financing options that the solar companies offer. Lastly, compare the cost of financing solar installation with how much you expect to save because of the solar panels throughout the loan.

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