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Can You Add Solar on a Bad Roof?

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

December 5, 2022

Solar power has transformed the world. It has made it possible to produce electricity just about everywhere in the world that has sunlight. In order to generate energy, solar panels have to be installed in different parts of the property including the roof and land. Since the roof is considered to be one of the most important structures of a house, it is where solar panels are installed in most cases. This is why there has been an increase in demand for roof replacement, roof contractors, and roof repair.

Strip of solar on a resident roof

Strip of solar on a resident roof.

Although there are different roof types, not every roof can support solar panels. Whether you have a tin roof or any other roof, you have to make sure that it is able to hold the solar panels. Besides, you don’t want the solar panels to get damaged as they cost a fortune. However, it is important that you make the switch to solar energy as it can help you reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. If you are considering getting solar panels and want to find out if it is possible to get them installed on a bad room, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

What is Considered a Bad Roof?

A bad roof is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. There are several signs that can help you confirm if a roof is bad or going to be in bad condition in the near future. It is important that you inspect your roof for the following warning signs.

  • Loose or Missing Shingles: You need to be on the lookout for loose or missing shingles. Storm damage could be to blame for the situation. However, your roof might simply be too old that the shingles could have fallen off. Therefore, your roof would be unable to provide the protection you need.
  • Blistering, Dry, Cracking, or Curling Shingles: If the shingles are blistering, dry, cracking, or curling, it means that they have reached the end of their life. In such a situation, your best option would be to simply get a new roof installed. Having a poor roof ventilation system could be to blame for the blistering.
  • Saggy Roof: When your roof starts to sag, it indicates that it has a deteriorating and weak condition. There is a possibility that it might have been incorrectly installed or unable to support weight. Hence, it could collapse at any time.
  • Presence of Dirty Areas: When granules fall off from the shingles, dark areas would appear. It means that the shingles have to be replaced. Moss or algae growth could be to blame for the dark patches and would have to be removed.
  • Granules in the Gutters: As shingles get older, they lose more granules and would no longer be effective.
  • Loose or Exposed Nail Heads: In case you notice nail popping out of spaces, leaks could occur due to water penetration or leaks. Moisture could build up with time and damage the roof permanently.
  • Water Damage Inside the Attic: If there is water leaking in your attic or other parts of the property, chances are that the shingle underlayment is flashing or inadequate. Moreover, inadequate roof ventilation could result in mold and mildew which shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Areas Where Flashing is Damaged or Missing: As you might already know, flashing is placed at the area that insects with the roof. If this sealing is damaged or broken, your home would have leaks frequently.
  • Higher Heating and Cooling Bills: If the heating and cooling bills have increased, a leaky or damaged roof could be the cause of the problem.
  • Completion of Life: A roof that had been installed over 20 years ago needs to be replaced.

How to Fix or Replace Your Roof

If you have discovered that you have a damaged roof, you can either fix it or get it replaced. Roof repair involves repairs of the damaged areas of your roof. It might be viable option if the damaged areas aren’t widespread. On the other hand, roof replacement involves the removal of all the old shingles and moisture barrier and getting it replaced with completely new materials. If you are budget-conscious, you can either opt for a partial replacement or re-roofing. Generally, partial replacement is recommended if the damage is extensive and not limited to just two sections. Therefore, a new roof is merged with the previous roof. As for re-roofing, it requires the placement of an additional layer of shingles.

One of the greatest mistakes that homeowners make is waiting too long before they seek the help of a roofer. It is best that you deal with roof damage immediately as you shouldn’t waste any time. In fact, a delay would only cause more problems as water could make its way behind the flashing or under the shingles. Similarly, the shingles could get damaged or go missing. If there are leaks in the attic, you would have to get it repaired as well. There is no denying that repairing the roof is a more affordable option and tends to take less time. However, you should keep in mind that a repair wouldn’t extend the roof’s life. In addition to this, roof damage could leave the roof vulnerable as it might not be able to face the elements.

Even though a partial roof replacement costs more money, it doesn’t take much time and offers amazing functionality. Besides, you would benefit from its aesthetics. If you decide to opt for re-roofing, you would get to ensure immediate relief. Since there is minimal labor required, it is possibly the fastest way to solve the problem. Furthermore, re-roofing would provide a face-lift to the roof. For those of you have the time and money, replacing the roof might be the best option when dealing with roof damage. If the damage is extensive, it wouldn’t make sense to repair the roof. You should keep in mind that roof replacement costs more money. But you should know that repairing a roof would mean that some problems would go unaddressed and will end up costing you later on. Besides, the structural repairs could cost you more. In case you decide to replace the roof, you will have to wait longer for the new roof to be installed. A new roof will last a long time and also come with a guarantee. You will also like the revamped look of the roof as it will make your home look new.

Since some solar companies have partnerships with roofers, you should get in touch with a reputable solar company and find out how they can help you out. After all, you could use a reliable roofer who is committed to their job. Getting the wrong roofer would only cause more problems later on.

Do Solar Companies Install Panels on Bad Roofs

If there is one thing that you need to know, it is the fact that most solar companies won’t install solar on a bad roof. The main reason behind this is that they can’t provide warranty if the roof doesn’t pass inspection. Besides, solar companies have to comply with strict requirements and can’t make any changes just for you. Also, solar companies are very much concerned about their reputation and strive to ensure that they provide the best service. Therefore, you would have trouble to find a solar company that can install solar panels on a bad roof.

Why Shouldn’t You Install Solar on a Bad Roof

Installing solar panels on a bad roof is something that you need to avoid at all costs. This is due to the fact that you must maximize the return on your investment. Since a bad roof could collapse at any time, you have to get it replaced with a new one. If you fail to do so, it would fall after you install the solar panels. Hence, the solar panels wouldn’t last as long as you want them to. Besides, the risk of installing solar panels on a bad roof is all your money go down the rain. You have to ensure that the roof is in good condition and able to handle the solar panels. It would ensure that the solar panels provide you with energy for the coming decade.

Although roof replacement costs a ton of money, it is an option that will give your property a brand-new look. You must make sure that you reach out to an expert to get the job done instead of taking on the inspection and installation on your own. After all, there is just so much that you can do. Installing solar panels on a bad roof is something that should be avoided at all costs. It would only make things a lot more difficult for you.

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