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What You Can Do To Help The Environment

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

May 3, 2022

As individuals, each of us needs to understand our responsibility to the environment we dwell in so that we preserve and enhance the quality of life for our upcoming generations. Unfortunately, we humans have not been good stewards of our planet over the years, and if we do not start acting soon, things are only bound to get worse.

Protecting the global environment and preserving planet Earth for our kids and future generations require taking proactive steps towards cleaner, greener, and more sustainable living.

Interior of an electric vehicle.

 In our own little ways, each of us should start being more responsible and contribute towards helping the environment to make this world a better place for all. 

What You Can Do to Help the Environment

Can you envision anything more dreadful and terrifying than witnessing your entire world fading away slowly and gradually right before your eyes? Surely not.

Oceans clogged with plastic, excess consumption of natural resources, generation of chemical wastes, pollution emission of harmful gasses, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation are just a handful of examples of careless and irresponsible human behaviors that have considerably burdened our ecosystem and are negatively impacting our lives.

These kinds of changes have vastly triggered climatic changes and resulted in an undrinkable water supply, soil erosion, and poor air quality. Americans are producing far more garbage now than they did some fifty years ago, and not only due to the substantial rise in the country’s population.

Each individual in the United States generates an average of 4.5 pounds of waste daily, compared to just 3.25 pounds in the 1970s. Sadly, we hardly stop to think about the consequences and how our lives significantly depend on our planet’s biodiversity.

In the rare cases that we do, we always consider it to be somebody else’s concern and expect them to sort out this issue. However, all our lives depend on it, and it is high time we play our part in sustaining and safeguarding our environment.

Whether it is food and clothing, water, gas, furniture, electronics, toys, or other goods, we’re all consumers. The objective is not to stop consumption but to start being more responsible and mindful of our consumption and spending habits and incorporating sustainable living methods.

The good news is that becoming more eco-friendly isn’t too costly, inconvenient, or challenging. Even though these minor changes at the individual level might be difficult, just envision how much cleaner and greener our planet would be if we start now. Having said that, here are some effective ways to help the environment

Electric Cars

A common question that most individuals seek an answer to is, “Are electric cars better for the environment?” Research has revealed that electric cars are significantly more efficient for the environment, primarily because they emit fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gasses than diesel or petrol cars.

The most significant benefit of electric vehicles is their contribution to enhancing the quality of air in cities and towns. With no tailpipes, pure electric vehicles do not produce carbon dioxide emissions while driving, substantially minimizing air pollution.

Simply put, electric cars provide us with cleaner streets and make our cities and towns better living places for cyclists and pedestrians. In just over a year, even a single electric car can save up to 1.5 million gm of carbon dioxide, on average. This is equivalent to 4 return flights from London to Barcelona.

Hence, if everyone gradually shifts towards using electric cars collectively, we can expect a drastic change in our environmental conditions. 

Switch to Solar

Solar is a clean, sustainable, and affordable source of electricity. As individuals, if we wish to make our environment a better living place, prevent using excessive energy and wasting money, and minimize our dependence on fossil fuels, we must consider switching to more renewable and sustainable sources of energy, such as solar power.

Besides offering financial benefits, solar power has proven to have substantial environmental benefits. 

1. Reduces Air Pollution

Toxic carbon dioxide and methane emissions from fossil fuels, which is our traditional source of energy, are the most significant contributors to poor air quality and global warming. However, electricity generated with solar panels produces no greenhouse gasses and minimizes air pollution. 

2. Minimizes Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Solar energy production doesn’t necessitate fossil fuels. Hence, it does not rely on this costly and limited natural resource to generate electricity. Contrary to fossil fuels, which draw on limited resources that might ultimately become too costly to retrieve, renewable sources of energy like solar are usually unlimited in their availability. 

3. Decreases Water Wastage

Solar energy doesn’t pollute local water resources since solar photovoltaic cells do not require water to produce power. On the other hand, fossil fuels utilize water for practically every aspect of their electricity generation. 

4. Helps Minimize a Household’s Carbon Footprint

A solar panel system in your house can provide for an entire household’s electricity needs with about 80% lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels. Installing a solar panel system can minimize your home’s energy bills and substantially minimize its annual carbon footprint. 

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Plastic is the leading source of wastage across lands and in oceans. Plastics take an unbelievably long time to decompose. Hence, throwing them into landfills will doom that island or piece of land to several years of plastic waste that’ll probably never decompose. 

These plastic bags often find themselves in the way of aquatic animals such as turtles and fish. Roughly 14% of plastic packaging only is recycled, and if we need to bring about a difference, we need to do a lot more.

However, the question is, “How does recycling help the environment?” Indeed, recycling is a wonderful and effective way of helping the environment in several ways, whether on land or with marine life. 

Recycling allows more aquatic life to survive and reproduce and makes the environment much cleaner. It can also alleviate that trash or plastic pollution and protect the environment, saving a couple of years of decomposition. 

Recycling significantly helps minimize plastic pollution by keeping plastic out of the oceans and reducing the amount of new plastic in circulation. It indicates fewer plastics in water bodies, which ultimately leads to a decreased effect on marine life. 

Moreover, recycling is probably the simplest and easiest way in which you can contribute towards helping the environment. Still, the majority of people do not do it. Most garbage disposal companies provide recycling services, so the best way to get started is to see if the company you use can help you with it.

Change Habit

Of course, you’re not required to completely turn your life around to create a difference. Even if you devote your time to changing a single habit or sustainable lifestyle choices, this can result in a positive, significant, and cumulative impact on the planet. Here are a couple things you can start doing to help protect the environment. 

1. Use reusable items

You’ll often observe people drinking beverages from disposable bottles or cups, using disposable straws, eating from disposable containers or plates, using disposable utensils, or carrying disposable grocery bags.

All that single-use plastic finds its way somewhere, which can destroy our oceans, soil, and sea life. Luckily, you can find environmentally responsible equivalents for all these disposable items in this present era.

Switching to reusable items, such as reusable water bottles, bags, containers, towels, etc., and committing yourself to use them more often is one of the best changes of habits that can help the environment.

You will have a decreased pile of trash at your curb and significantly help protect the environment. 

2. Save Electricity

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. They’re long-lasting and help save considerable money. Moreover, you can also make it a habit to turn off the lights, electronics, and appliances while they’re not in use.

Lower the temperature of your heating or cooling system when it is not required, especially between the seasons. In addition, open the windows in your home during early fall, or layer your clothes during the winter to save on energy bills. 

3. Save Water

Water is wasted more often than is evident. As a result, make it a habit to turn off the water tap while brushing your teeth, and prevent turning on the showerhead until you are ready to get inside and wash your hair. Moreover, you can conserve a lot of water while limiting your water usage while washing the dishes. This will be effective for the environment and your wallet both. 

4. Carpool or Avoid Taking Cars When Possible

Walking, using public transportation, or cycling/riding a bike to travel are more efficient ways of helping the environment and saving money. Also, opt for carpooling whenever you have similar schedules and workplaces. This is an affordable solution for everyone and minimizes fuel waste and pollution.

5. Use Fewer Chemicals

Finally, it is best to use fewer chemicals because one can never be sure of the enduring adverse effects of chemicals on our bodies and the planet. Always opt for chemical-free garden and lawn care products, organic beauty and hygiene products, organic food, and natural household cleaners.

Share the Word

The only way we as individuals can help the environment and improve the world’s current situation is by placing our rules. If you do not wish to correct your wrongdoings, the natural environment will end up worse.

Of course, just one activist alone cannot encounter these environmental problems. It takes gathering everybody slowly to stand with you towards making these changes and implementing them in life to bring about a change.

By following these tips and implementing them in your life, you can speak up about these ideas and educate others in your surroundings. Your efforts will surely inspire others to act, causing a significant impact on the future of the world and everyone in it.

In addition, you can use social media’s power for this worthy cause. Starting a campaign on your social media channel can raise significant awareness at a minimal cost and get excellent results in no time.

Besides this, you can also organize peaceful protests and influence people to do the right thing by playing their part in saving the environment. 

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