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When is the Best Time to Get Solar

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

December 16, 2022

Are you thinking of switching your home’s electricity source to solar power? Not only is it an environment-friendly choice, but there are many tremendous economic and practical benefits.

Plus, with the latest technologies available, solar solutions have become more affordable! However, one of the biggest questions people have when considering going solar is timing – when is the best time to do it?

Solar panels with a clear sky hitting them

Solar panels with a clear sky hitting them.

As you read this blog post, we’ll answer this question in detail by providing insights on how solar power can be a
great investment at any given time in your home. You might also be wondering if there’s anything like free solar panels. So let’s dive right into it and find out answers to all your queries and discuss why it’s perfect to go solar now.

Higher Utility Rates

The recent news of higher utility costs has been a cause of concern for many, with homes costing more than ever to run. Fortunately, solar solutions have revolutionized the way we think about energy use.

Instead of relying solely on traditional sources like grid station electricity or natural gas, solar generators for the home can harness the sun’s power and provide households with a renewable and inexpensive power source.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar heating systems, also known as solar thermal systems, are a great choice for homeowners who want efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to heat their homes. A solar thermal system uses the heat produced by the sun’s energy is then used to warm a building or provide hot water. This means you’d be able to run the solar heater for almost free.

The system typically consists of solar collectors that absorb the sun. Solar services are available in many areas that can care for any solar needs. It is possible to have your energy bill under control with multiple solar solutions!

Bring the Heat Down

Installing solar panels takes time. You must obtain approval from utility companies before your panels can start generating electricity. Electricity costs rise along with the temperatures in the summer. Getting ready early in the year helps with cost savings because homeowners typically use more air conditioning in the months of June, July, and August. Waiting until you receive your first summer air conditioning bill will put you past the point of no return.

But according to the Inflation Reduction act of 2022, this 30 percent tax credit will drop in the upcoming years. So, the sooner you install solar solutions, the more chances there are for a complete 30 percent tax credit.

The 30% Solar Tax Credit

Homeowners looking for solar solutions are in luck! The solar tax credit has just climbed from 26% to 30%, meaning solar systems can be more affordable than ever before.

Whether you purchase solar generators for a house or a solar farm, you can take advantage of the solar services and still save money during tax season — it’s a win-win situation!

$0 Down Solar Program

By using a zero-down solar system, you can install solar panels without paying anything in advance.

Solar leases or solar loans are financed in monthly installments ($0 upfront). You can enjoy all the amazing benefits of solar energy without having to pay that significant amount upfront, which discourages most people from going for it in the first place.

Financing Options for Solar Without a Down Payment

From a variety of solar financing suppliers, you can choose the one that will benefit your long-term financial stability. Some of these sources include:

• A local and a national bank
• Credit unions
• Solar-specific lending institutions

Solar Loans: Maintaining a Positive Cash Flow

How can a freshly financed solar system keep its cash flow positive while making monthly loan payments if there is no money down?

A solar system designed well will substantially cut your electricity costs and is one of the perfect solar solutions. Thanks to net metering, a lot of systems have either completely eliminated a homeowner’s electricity bill or even provided them with a credit (a positive balance) on their energy statement.

A few other strategies reduce the financial load on your renewable energy system.

Solar Incentive Programs

There are several solar incentives programs available that can lower your initial costs and possibly help with your monthly payments:

Utilities across the country are rewarding residential solar installation by paying homeowners for their monthly solar production for up to ten years. As this incentive is based on a declining rate block, the earlier you install solar, the better.

Incentives have been applied toward solar loan payments by many homeowners, reducing their monthly costs compared to what they spent prior to installing solar.

PPAs (power purchase agreements)

A solar power purchase agreement, or PPA, works very much like a solar lease and requires no money down. Together with your provider, you agree on a predetermined price for your electricity and take advantage of all the benefits of a solar energy system.

PPA providers own and profit from your system (rebates, tax breaks, and other incentives).

Solar leases and PPAs differ primarily in how they determine your payment. In contrast to solar leases, you pay a predetermined rate per kWh for the electricity generated by your system under a PPA.

Holiday Specials

The holiday season is famous for breathtaking discounts. From mighty malls to small grocery stores, everyone displays discount offers. This is what makes this part of the year so special.

So, why not add some solar-related benefits to your bucket? Many solar service providers provide decent discounts on the installation of solar panels. This is because usually, the solar panel installation burden usually goes off during the winter months.

This is a win-win situation for both parties. Solar companies get the work in the off-season and can catch discounts as well.

Not to forget, December isn’t an ideal month for energy consumption. The holiday season brings a variety of light displays, holiday meals, and entertainment options, but they do not have to leave you with unexpected energy bills.

You can make your holiday season a little more eco-friendly and cost-effective by following these solar solutions:

Time Your Light Displays

This simple technique guarantees that your lights are only on for 4 to 6 hours at night. Your Christmas spending may increase by three to four times if you leave your decorations up all night (or all day).

Make Sure Your House Is Draft-Free

Here’s an easy way to tell whether you have a drafty window or door: Keep a lit candle close to the door or window frames. The energy you need to heat your house will increase if the flame bends, indicating that a draft is allowing the outside cold to enter.

Cook in Moderation

Planning your meals at the same time and sharing an oven whenever you are able will help you save a ton of electricity.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Less heat is required from climate control to keep things warm when more warm bodies are present in the house to celebrate. Additionally, as you may anticipate, cooking all day will produce a lot more heat in the kitchen. Ensure that your thermostat is set appropriately.

Consider Using LED Bulbs When Possible

Energy-efficient LED bulbs are more expensive but use 75-99% less energy and last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs.

Using Solar-Powered Decorations Instead

The wintery holiday season isn’t usually a time when solar-powered lights gain much attention. The batteries in most models allow them to store daytime energy. The lights will stay on long into the night if you get a few hours of afternoon sunlight. To give you perfect holiday solar solutions, here are our picks for solar-powered holiday decor:

• Solar-powered decorations: There are numerous solar-powered decorative accents on the market, including trees, reindeer, and ornaments. Even a solar-powered candle was seen.

• Solar Pathway Lights: Our favorites are solar pathway lights. They will illuminate your paths and gardens throughout the year, and they will be both practical and useful. It is possible for some homes to make shapes and images using their yards. These are similar to solar string lights in that they don’t require an electrical outlet.

• Solar String Lights: Solar string lights have the benefit of not require an extension wire or power outlet for holiday lighting. A small panel that remains fixed on your roof produces solar power. They’re comparable in price to regular LED string lights. If you want to spread festive fun with the least amount of effort, a solar-powered light projector is the best solar solution for your home.

From an economic standpoint, the winter months are also the ideal time to install solar panels for homeowners and businesses. Installation of solar panels is usually at its lowest during the cold winter months, but since prices are lower, a fair number of people will surely show interest.


All things considered, there is never a bad time to install solar power systems because you’ll be taking a big step toward paying lower electricity bills, creating clean energy, and enhancing the value of your property.

We believe everyone deserves access to clean energy, which is why we installed more than 8000 solar solutions within a few years. But this is the ideal time as the tax credit is at the maximum of all time. So, why not benefit from it along with cherishing other advantages of solar services?

For additional information on how we may help you save money and get your solar solutions done!

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