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Fun Facts About Solar Power

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

January 18, 2023

Solar energy is radiant energy that comes from the sun. It can be used in many ways, such as with photovoltaic cells, solar heating, and other technologies. It’s an excellent way to get energy that doesn’t come from the sun, and it’s also an easy, long-term solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.


The main things driving the growth of the solar energy industry are the increase in pollution and the fact that governments offer financial incentives and tax refunds to people who install solar panels. Solar energy systems also use less water, which is another thing that has made these systems more popular in the power production industries.

Solar installation in Ohio by solgen power

Solar energy is becoming more popular because the government gives more incentives and tax breaks to people who install solar panels and because the environment is worsening. Solar energy systems also use less water, which is another thing that has pushed the demand for these systems in the power-generating sectors.


This estimate of the size of the global solar energy market is broken down into submarkets based on things like technology, application, component, marketing channel, and geography. Based on the technology used, the market can be split into two groups: photovoltaic systems and concentrated solar power systems.


In recent years, the market for solar cells has grown a lot. This is because the number of rooftop installations has increased, leading to a rise in the number of operations in the architecture industry. Similarly, the need for solar power halls and parabolic troughs to make electricity is expected to increase the demand for concentrated solar power systems.


Solar cells are in high demand because more people are putting solar panels on their roofs, and more architects are using them. Also, because parabolic troughs and solar power towers are becoming more popular in energy production, the demand for concentrated solar power systems is expected to increase. You can learn so many solar system facts before installing them in your house.


Here are some of the benefits of using Solar power-

  • Low maintenance

Solar power systems only need as much maintenance as other kinds. It only needs to be cleaned twice a year, but it’s important to remember that the cleaning should always be done by experts who know what they’re doing. The system also has inverters, which must be updated five to ten years after being put in. Aside from the initial cost, maintenance and repair work cost a small amount of money.

  • Environmental friendly

Solar energy is clean, never running out, and there is enough. With each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar energy, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter will be released into the air much less. Solar power uses less energy and water, taking less water out of the ground.

  • Good investment

The price of electricity can go in any direction and change in size at any time. It’s hard to guess how much money will be spent on electricity over a certain period. But when it comes to energy made by solar roofs, it’s easy to figure out how much the energy costs.

  • Cost saving

Solar energy usually means getting more money back and spending less on monthly power bills. Because you’ll be able to get all the energy you need from solar energy, you won’t have to worry about your power bill is so high. How much you can save on your bill depends on what you need.

  • Reduces carbon footprints

Solar panels can turn the energy in the sun into electricity that can be used. So, compared to traditional energy sources, they cause much less pollution and environmental damage. In contrast to a generator, they don’t make any noise and give off less potentially dangerous gases when they work. In addition, it is a valuable source of energy that helps fight the effects of climate change. Installing solar panels on roofs is the best choice because they leave the smallest carbon footprints.

Fun facts about solar energy

  • Several types of renewable energy, like biomass, wind, and hydro, get most of their energy from the sun. So, solar energy is the mother of most other types of energy.
  • Most solar panel systems today are made to meet your daily energy needs, even those of big appliances like air conditioners. Net metering ensures you always have the power you need for systems connected to the grid. You can also add an energy storage battery for a backup solar energy source.
  • When a solar power plant is built, it is often backed by a 20–25-year contract with a customer to buy power from the plant (utility, company, or residential). But this doesn’t mean these plants won’t be helpful in 20 years.
  • Solar energy is the most common source of energy on Earth. It sends 173,000 terawatts of energy to the planet all the time. That is more than 10,000 times as much energy as is used worldwide.
  • The average solar panel system is only 20% efficient, meaning it only uses 20% of the sunlight that hits it to make energy. It is one of the most attractive solar power facts.
  • Next, photovoltaic cells were used in small consumer devices like watches and calculators. Most street and traffic signs now get their power from the sun. Solar power is often the least expensive way to get the needed power for these tasks.
  • The amount of energy that falls on the surface of the Earth from the sun in an hour is equal to the amount of energy that everyone on the planet uses in a year. All the coal, oil, and natural gas on Earth may produce the same energy as 20 days of sunlight.

There are many more interesting facts about solar energy that you can learn about.

Get Up to 30% Back from the Total Cost of Solar.

A tax credit lets you pay the same amount less in income tax than you would have to pay if you didn’t have the credit. For example, if you are eligible for a $1,000 federal tax credit, the total federal income taxes you owe will go down by $1,000. Even though it is often called an Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, the credit the federal government gives to people who pay their taxes differs from the ITC companies with solar systems can get.


If you are a homeowner in the year 2022 and you have just installed a solar panel system, you may be eligible for a tax credit from the federal government that covers thirty percent of each of the following:


  • Solar panels cost.
  • Solar power system equipment expenses include inverters, wiring, and mounting hardware.
  • Labor expenses for installing solar panels, including any fees associated with necessary permits and inspections.
  • Costs associated with solar power storage systems are comparable to those of solar batteries. It is required that all storage devices have a capacity rating of at least three kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Sales taxes are paid for qualified solar installation charges.


Between the beginning of this year and the end of 2032, if you install solar energy equipment in your home, you can get a credit against your federal income taxes equal to 30% of the costs that qualify for the credit. This credit can’t be taken back. There is no limit on how much you can spend on these costs. You can get a 30% tax break whether you spend $20,000 or more than $100,000 on costs for a home solar system.

Charles Fritts Invented Solar Panels

In 1883, Charles Fritts made the first solar panel by putting a thin layer of selenium on top of an even thinner layer of gold. Because of this, the first solar panel was made. The cells from this process were only about 1% efficient at making electricity. This new idea started a move toward using solar energy to power things.


Fritts had hoped that his solar cells would be able to compete with Edison’s coal-fired power plants, but in reality, they were less than 1% efficient at turning sunlight into energy, so they weren’t instrumental. Selenium photovoltaics were still studied over the next few decades. During this time, a few applications were found. However, these applications were not widely used, and it is one of the facts about solar power.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that solar energy is the world’s second-fastest-growing type of renewable energy. An essential part of the economy is vital to how 840 million people get electricity today. But this goal of ensuring everyone can access electricity is only possible with Charles Fritts. He invented the first solid solar cell, the first of what are now called solar panels.


Charles Fritts’s great idea was the first device to make electricity by using the power of the Sun. The Sun gives off enough energy each second to power the same amount of light as four billion 100-watt light bulbs. Throughout history, people have known about the Sun’s energy potential.


The first written records about using solar energy come from the time of the Romans and Greeks. These two cultures had already used it to start fires by putting mirrors or “burning” lenses before them.

There is Solar that Works at Night

Solar panels can turn sunlight into energy that can be used, with the sun being the primary source. But why can’t solar panels keep making electricity happily all night long? Okay, good to go! Using technology that works with the sun, solar panels have been made and are being used.


Photovoltaic panels, also called PV panels and mirrors that focus on the sun’s rays, are two types of solar technology that can turn sunlight into usable electricity. This energy can be used to make electricity, store energy (in batteries or as heat), and store heat.


Some researchers and experts think that moonlight could be used to power photovoltaic (PV) cells. When you realize that moonlight is just sunlight reflected off the moon, it should be a relief that solar panels can still work when exposed to moonlight. Even if the moon shines directly on your solar panels and there are no clouds in the sky, your solar panels will only make minimal electricity at night.


The sun is the only thing in the sky that makes its light, so for the moon to look bright, it must get its light from its rays reflecting off its surface. The moon is unlike the sun, which doesn’t make its light. Unfortunately, solar panels can’t be charged by the moon because it doesn’t make any photons and doesn’t shine any light of their own. There are many more solar energy fun facts you can learn about.


Because the sun only shines on the moon after it has set on Earth, a solar panel put on it could only use its rays to make electricity when it was night on Earth. This is because the sun shines on the moon after it has set. This idea says that a solar panel would have to be put on the moon to keep making power when it is dark outside.


The light from the moon is one of the most important ways people on Earth can see. Even if it lights the way at night, better energy sources can be used to charge solar panels. Unlike the sun, it can’t make photons on its own. This is because it can’t make photons on its own.


Only 0.3% as much light reaches Earth when the moon is full as when the sun is directly overhead. In other words, if your solar panels make 300 watts of power when the sun is out, they will only make about 1 when the moon is full.

Solar Can Help You Save Hundreds to Thousands a year on Your Utility Bills.

The solar energy industry is growing because governments are offering more and more financial incentives and tax breaks to encourage people to install solar panels. Also, environmental pollution is worsening, helping the solar energy industry grow. Solar energy systems also use less water, so they are becoming more popular in the power industry. In recent years, there has been a lot of growth in the solar cell market.


This is because more rooftop solar panels have been installed. Because of this trend, there have been more applications in the architectural sector. In the context of making electricity, the need for solar power towers and parabolic troughs is also expected to drive the demand for concentrated solar power systems.

There are Loans for Solar Panels

With solar panel loans and other installment loans, you may be able to get financing for the project that costs you very little or nothing out of pocket. This will let you put the money you were giving your utility company toward your new monthly loan payment instead. After you pay back the loan, you will be better off financially. Solar panels can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you won’t have to wait years to install them if you take out a loan to pay for them. You might be able to get going in less than a week.

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