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Spring is here and Solar Owners will Reap the Sunny Benefits

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

February 21, 2023

Solar power has been integrated to become an optimal renewable energy source. By harnessing solar energy, you can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home value. What should be the best time to reap the big energy benefits? Spring can be a perfect time for solar installation.

During spring, days are longer, and there are more daylight hours. Solar panels have more time to capture sunlight and generate electricity.

Beautiful home with solar.

 It means that we are gaining more sunlight in spring as compared to the winter months when daylight hours are shorter. Moreover, the angle of the sun in the spring can significantly improve the sun exposure of solar panels. It allows more sunlight to reach the solar panels. With more energy production from your solar panels, you may be able to offset your electricity bill. So, spring is the best time to go solar.

Avoid Summertime Delays

Many homeowners procrastinate the solar energy installation and wait for summer to get solar. By installing solar panels early in spring, you can start generating your own clean energy. It allows you to save money on your electricity bill as soon as possible. Research shows that solar power installation can reduce your energy bills at the rate of 8 cents per KWH in any major US solar metro.

Moreover, Summer is typically the busiest season for solar installations. This means that there may be scheduling delays, which could result in missed opportunities for rebates. Do you want to know more reasons to avoid summertime delays? Let’s dive into this. 

Top Reasons to avoid summertime delays

There are many good reasons to avoid summertime delays in getting solar panels installed.

Higher Demand

During the summertime, many people are interested in installing solar panels to take advantage of the long hours of daylight. As a result, there is significant demand for solar panel installations. Solar installers may have a backlog of orders to fulfill, leading to potential closing and delays.

So, you can beat the rush by installing solar energy panels beforehand, more preferably in the spring season.

Higher Installation Costs

With the increased demand for solar panel installations during the summer, solar installers may raise their prices. This can result in higher costs for homeowners who want to install solar panels. Solar energy power in spring may result in lower prices and a more affordable installation.

Missed Energy Savings

Delaying the installation of your solar panels can result in lost savings. By delaying the installation until the summer months, homeowners may miss out on several months of optimal sunlight conditions. It could result in lower energy production and, therefore, lower energy savings. The longer you wait to install solar panels, the longer you’ll continue to pay for electricity from the grid. So. instead of taking advantage of solar energy, you will miss out on some of the best opportunities to produce this alternative energy source. Additionally, some solar incentives and tax credits may expire or decrease in value over time, so it’s important to act quickly to take advantage of them.

Reduced Solar Energy Incentives

Many states and municipalities offer incentives and rebates for solar panel installations. These incentives are often limited in funding and can be exhausted quickly during the busy summer season. Homeowners who delay installation may miss out on these incentives altogether.

Potential Weather Switches

Summer weather can be unpredictable, and storms or other weather events can delay solar panel installations. If you wait until summer to install your panels, you risk having your installation delayed by weather events.

How to Avoid Summertime Delays?

You might be searching for ways to avoid closing and delays. So, if you are planning to install solar panels in the spring and want to prevent summertime delays, follow these tips.

Research and Plan ahead

So, to avoid summertime delays when installing solar panels, it’s essential to start planning from the very first day of spring. Solar and spring go hand in hand. So, start the solar panel installation process, ideally in the spring, to
avoid the rush of summertime installations. This will give you more flexibility in scheduling the installation. Also, it reduces the chances of delays due to high demand.

Find a Reputable Installer

Look for experienced solar contractors who can guide you through the installation process. Find a reputable installer who can stand with their commitments and have an experienced team to ensure a seamless installation. Ask for references from friends or family and check online reviews before making a decision.

Take Advantage of Early-Season Incentives

Many solar companies offer incentives and discounts during the early season. It encourages homeowners to install solar energy panels before the peak summer months. Be sure to take advantage of these incentives to maximize
your savings.

Check the Weather Forecast

Keep an eye on the weather forecast to anticipate any potential weatherrelated delays. Work with your solar company to adjust the installation schedule if necessary to avoid delays due to bad weather.

Be Flexible with Scheduling

As there is high demand for solar in the summer, you may face delays in getting appointments and scheduling. So, it’s significant to schedule your installation during the early spring season. It helps you to mitigate scheduling constraints and contacts.

For this purpose, you need to communicate with your solar company about your desired installation date. Ask them to provide you with a timeline for the installation process and keep you updated on any potential scheduling changes.

Positive Impact on the Earth

Spring solar has a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society by promoting sustainability. It produces green energy that helps to combat climate change more effectively.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Solar energy is an efficient and renewable energy source that generates electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions. Research shows that solar has reduced 136 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually in the US. By installing solar panels in the spring, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels & reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased Energy Independence

Installing solar panels in the spring can help you become more energy independent by generating your own clean energy. This can help reduce your reliance on the grid and decrease your vulnerability to power outages.

Improved Air and Water Quality

By reducing the use of fossil fuels, solar energy can help improve air and water quality. Burning fossil fuels releases harmful pollutants into the air and water, which can negatively impact human health and the environment. So, getting solar energy has a positive impact on your environment.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Solar energy does not require the use of finite natural resources, such as coal or natural gas. By using solar energy in the spring, you can help conserve these resources for other purposes.

Reduced Energy Costs

By generating your own energy with solar panels, you can reduce your energy bills and save money over time. This can help you manage your energy costs and improve your financial stability. So, once a solar system is installed, it can produce electricity for free, reducing the need to purchase electricity from traditional sources.

Thus, the use of solar energy can reduce energy bills for homeowners and businesses, leading to significant cost savings.

One-Stop Solution for your Solar Energy Needs | Solgen Power

Solgen Power is one of the fastest-growing solar energy installation companies. Since its inception, Solgen has been offering solar equipment and installation services nationwide. After you contact us, our journey will cover the following;

Home Inspection

Performing a home inspection is the primary step for solar installation. At Solgen, we have a team of experts that assess the electrical and structural components of your property. We also evaluate the condition of your roof to ensure that it is suitable for the installation of solar panels. After reviewing all these aspects, our team will give you a quote matching your needs.

Designing Layout

Following the inspection, our team creates a design layout customized according to your requirements. We have experienced solar professionals who can guide you through the design process. Once the solar panel layout is
determined, we also design the electrical system to finalize the layout.

Getting Permits

Before the solar installation, you need to obtain the necessary permits for the installation of solar panels. This may include building permits, electrical permits, and zoning permits. We can help you navigate this process and ensure
that your installation is compliant with all regulations and codes.

For this purpose, we assist you in preparing the documentation according to local regulations. We also take care of the approval of your solar permit before the initiation of your installation.

Solar Installation

Solgen Power has a team of experienced installers that carry out the whole process within no time. Our solar energy installations can cover both residential roofs and ground-mounted installations.

Offer Quality Solar Equipment

Solgen Power also provides you with a range of high-grade products for solar installation. We offer 25 years of warranty to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their solar panels. So, with installation services, you can also get efficient and advanced solar panels from us. By going solar, homeowners cherish significant economic savings.

You might be thinking, “how much will I save?” Solgen connects you to various opportunities to enhance your energy savings.

In short, in the spring season, solar panels can be highly effective in generating electricity. As the days get longer and sunnier, solar panels can receive more sunlight, which translates into more energy production. Overall, spring is a great time to support sustainable energy that contributes to a cleaner environment. So, if you are looking to install solar in your home or office, connect with Solgen Power.

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