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Roadblocks That Can Prevent You from Getting Solar

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

March 2, 2023

Besides being an essential need for homeowners these days, one should not overlook the numerous benefits that solar energy brings at domestic and global levels. Yet, innumerable roadblocks halt people from harnessing solar power, a vital source of renewable energy that is continuously available to us.

Solar energy makes up around 4% of total electricity production in the United States of America. However, if, in any case, this sustainable energy contributes 30% of US electricity output by 2030, you can well expect the pollution from the electrical industry to be decreased by half.

Architecture detail of damaged house corner

Architecture detail of damaged house corner.

Despite all these advantages, the high price tag is one of the most significant hurdles in expanding the solar energy system.

Continue reading this article to decode some of the most evident roadblocks that can prevent you from getting solar. This post will also help you gain insights on how to get solar panels for home and expect answers to questions such as, “Do solar panels help prevent power outages?”, “Can HOA prevent solar panels?” etc.

High Upfront Costs

Solar power is an excellent source of energy that reduces electricity costs and adds value to the home. Still, the high upfront costs may often stop people from going towards the installation of solar panels for homes or commercial buildings.

Despite the cost of solar panels significantly decreasing over the past few years, the initial investment can still be substantial.

Nonetheless, the costs of installing solar panels primarily depend on the type of solar system you want to install, the size of the solar system, your roof condition (as sometimes it needs renovation), and the installer you are contacting. These different factors can help you determine the overall cost figure for the solar panel system.

On average, monocrystalline panels and thin-film solar panels cost nearly $6,000 and $9,000, whereas polycrystalline panels cost around $5,400 and $6,000 – it is just the price of solar panels. Installing a solar panel system costs between $15,000 and $25,000, including labor, material, and other costs. 

Although the price of solar panels is reducing in some countries due to countries’ interest in lessening carbon emissions and making this world green, it would be good to know that there are you can benefit from certain rebates and tax incentives in your state that can minimize the solar panel installation costs.

In addition, numerous financing options are available, and many banks and financial institutes provide subsidized markup where people must pay a certain amount monthly.

Still, the monthly amount is too high, or some people are not eligible for the program for other reasons. These major roadblocks reverse the public’s decision to install a proper solar panel system. 

Again, the government and some volunteers need to emphasize the importance of solar panels and introduce multiple efficient ways (use of fewer panels or modules) to reach a desired power target.

Different ways can reduce the labor, land, hardware, and solar panel system and installation costs. Additionally, there is a need to develop an awareness among people that installing a solar panel system is a lifetime investment that can cut your huge monthly power bill.

Thus, choosing solar energy for any commercial sector or household is not expensive, especially if you consider its long-term benefits. 

Limited Roof Space or Shading

When somebody wants to install a solar panel, there is no flexibility for the roof situation since it is directly connected to the home protection and the safety of the investment being done on this mega project – solar panel system. 

Solar panels call for massive roof space, mainly unobstructed by high-rise buildings, trees, or other objects that could cast a shadow. 

The roof should be in good condition and have enough space to place many panels per your energy requirements. Typically, each square foot of roof can produce 15 watts of energy.

Hence, solar panel installation in small residences may need around 200 square feet. In comparison, big homes need approximately 1000 square feet to execute the process accurately. 

To get absolute benefit from solar panels, not only should the roof be large enough and in good condition to bear the weight of many panels, but it should also be capable of receiving direct sunlight for most of the day. If a roof is too small or has too much shading, it may not be a viable location for solar panels.

The roof should be free from obstacles – such as shade or excess trees – that can create a barrier between the sunlight and solar panel plates. If the roof is large but surrounded by tall, dense trees and adjacent structuresit is not the right place to install solar panels because the hurdles will block the way of the sunlight. 

Tip: Homeowners can assess the roof situation themselves or call a reliable inspection team to inspect whether their roof is suitable for solar panels. Instead of contacting professionals, owners often consider their home not a right fit for solar panels and do not pursue it. By getting in touch with experts, you can get the right information and knock down many anticipated barriers to going solar. 

Furthermore, homeowners associations (HOAs) and local zoning laws also restrict the size and location of solar panels. In 2020, the Solar United Neighbors estimated that HOAs restrict neighboring residents from going solar, costing Virginia contractors more than $7 million

According to them, solar panels on roofs ruin the neighborhood’s appearance and may decrease the property value. Therefore, the limited roof space, shading, and HOA restrictions force people to stop considering installing solar panels in their homes. 

Lack of Knowledge or Awareness

Another hurdle preventing people from understanding the many benefits of solar power and installing solar panels in their homes is the lack of the right information regarding how this renewable energy technology works or not knowing how to look for a renowned and professional installer. 

This lack of awareness or knowledge can be a major obstacle to switching to solar power because it refrains most individuals from comprehending the long-term environmental, financial, and personal benefits that come with it. 

Little Know-How About Solar Panel Technology

Many people are unaware of solar energy’s benefits and don’t understand how solar panels work, so they remain unmotivated towards solar panels.

While some may be skeptical about this technology on its own, others have minimal insights regarding climate change and other environmental challenges caused by carbon emissions, dramatically putting this planet (plants, animals, marine life, everything) at risk. 

In the case of solar energy, power is generated from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels, and there are no direct greenhouse gas emissions. Since sunlight is a renewable energy source, we will never run out of it.

Natural gas and coal are both fossil fuels that will ultimately deplete. Therefore, people should opt for renewable and green energy sources, such as installing solar panels, which can help save the planet. 

Many government sectors have promoted solar panels, but many people are still unwilling to switch to solar energy due to a lack of information and resources. Hence, there is a need to conduct seminars, conferences, and paid/volunteer advertisements to motivate people for solar panels. 

Little Know-How on Finding a Reputable Installer

Very often, despite understanding the benefits of solar energy, people don’t go for it because they don’t know how to find a reputable installer. It is required to make access to reliable installers handy, so people get confident that their money will not be wasted at any point and will get a worthy and valuable solar system.

We at Solgen Power are a reliable solar panel installation company that serves people at multiple locations so they can save their money on installation and monthly power costs and play a significant part in saving this planet. 

So, if you are wondering, “Should I get solar panel systems?” You should carefully check your home’s roof condition and laws and regulations regarding access to solar power.

Many homeowners also want to know, “Do solar panels prevent power outages?” Solar panels do not act as backup generators. Yet, you must remember that this doesn’t make solar energy a less practical or valuable investment for your home.

Solgen Power: A Reliable Station to Get Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar panel installation is challenging, but selecting the right company for assistance is even more challenging. Rest assured, Solgen Power is a top-notch, reliable company that sells solar panels and installs them according to your requirements and roof layout.

We also inspect the roof condition; facilitate solar panel upgradation, maintenance, and regular assessment. Our $0 Down Solar Program is a significant relief for people scared of solar panels’ high price tag.

The professional engineers of Solgen Power have your back – from crafting a design and inspecting your site to pulling permits with your local jurisdiction and installing the solar panels ⸺ the results being you benefit from a wholly customized solar panel system within 1 – 2 days. 

So, if you need any suggestions regarding solar panel power systems, want a site survey, or looking for a customized solar panel solution, you can confidently contact us at Solgen Power.

Our team will get back to you immediately and guide you about whether you qualify for our nothing out-of-pocket program and how much you can save by getting solar panels from Solgen Power.

The Bottom Line

Solar energy is not only necessary because it is a safe, clean, and renewable energy resource, but multiple other factors encourage the shift to solar power.

If the solar energy sector meets its Solar + Decade targets, it will generate more than $800 billion in economic activity plus develop more than one million well-paying employment – a multi-beneficial source of energy.

Therefore, at personal and national levels, everybody should try to ditch all the solar energy roadblocks, look for the right solutions, and prepare themselves for solar energy – as discussed above in this post.

If you still face any issues or get a query on the way, you can contact Solgen Power for a reliable and practical solar energy solution.

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