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Benefits of an All In-House Solar Provider

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer

March 16, 2023

Solar panel installation is a series of processes, each of which is important for optimal working. Initially, solar providers would capitalize on one aspect of the process, for example, the sale of solar panels; another would offer installation services, and another would offer home maintenance services.

Although this gave each company a focused and specialized role, the flow of the processes was being disrupted. Over time, companies adopted the all-in-house solar provider meaning a dedicated company would overlook all your solar panel issues from purchase, installation, loan, warranties, and maintenance.

Male worker with solar batteries. Man in a protective helmet. Installing stand-alone solar panel system

Male worker with solar batteries. Man in a protective helmet.

An all-in-house solar provider is a company that offers a comprehensive solution for installing and maintaining solar energy systems for residential or commercial properties. This includes the design, engineering, procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance of solar panels and any associated energy storage or monitoring systems.

Such a company typically handles all aspects of the solar installation process, from obtaining necessary permits to connecting the system to the local power grid. They may also provide financing options or help customers apply for government incentives or rebates.

Solgen Power is among these companies providing the finest quality services in the US. Following are some benefits of hiring an in-house solar provider.

1. Streamlined Communication

A significant benefit of using an all-in-house solar provider is that communication between different departments is more streamlined. This is because all the different teams work together closely and can communicate with each other more easily.

For example, the design team can quickly communicate with the installation team to ensure that the solar panels are installed in the most optimal position for maximum energy production. This allows better troubleshooting during the home solar panel maintenance process.

According to a SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) survey, many homeowners who requested solar panel maintenance services cited communication issues as a major concern.

By using an all-in-house solar provider, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that communication issues will be minimized and their solar installation will be handled efficiently.

An all-in-house solar provider can offer a single point of contact for homeowners throughout the entire process, providing peace of mind and reducing stress for homeowners.

According to a survey by SolarReviews, homeowners who worked with an all-in-house solar provider were more satisfied with the process overall, with 91% of respondents stating that they were satisfied with the installation process and 90% stating that they were satisfied with the quality of the whole home maintenance services.

As a result, with more efficient and streamlined communication, clients can expect to benefit from clear communication, quicker response times, and a more streamlined and seamless project management experience. 

2. Faster Installation

An all-in-house solar provider can also offer faster installation times than a company that outsources some of its services. The company has complete control over the installation process, from initial consultation to the final home solar panel maintenance.

As per a report by Wood Mackenzie, the average solar installation time for a residential solar project in the US is around 68 days. However, an all-in-house solar provider can often complete a project in as little as 30 days, saving significant time for homeowners who want to generate their own solar power as quickly as possible.

When a homeowner decides to install solar panels on their property, they typically have to go through several steps in the installation process. This includes initial consultation, design, permitting, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support. If a homeowner were to use multiple companies for each of these steps, the costs could quickly add up.

However, homeowners can often save money using an all-in-house solar provider because the provider can bundle all these services together into a single package. In addition, they can often negotiate better deals with suppliers and manufacturers due to their buying power, resulting in lower costs for the homeowner.

Furthermore, having control over every aspect of the process, an all-in-house solar provider, ensures that solar energy is a worthwhile investment. This can reduce the project’s overall cost by minimizing the amount of time and materials needed for the installation and maintenance.

The financial aspects of solar panel installation intimidate many homeowners because it requires many formalities. In fact, solar installation and maintenance are really not complex. With an all-in-house solar provider, the warranty and support for the solar system can also be simplified.

3. Higher Quality

Homeowners can be assured of higher quality products and home maintenance services using an all-in-house solar provider. This is because the company oversees every aspect of the process and can plan a full-fledged home solar electric system.

Naturally, In-house solar providers are far more invested in maintaining top quality standards, as their success and reputation depend on it. This means you can expect more efficient quality workmanship, superior materials, and a better overall experience.

For example, a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that the quality of solar installations varied widely, with some installations not meeting basic safety and performance standards.

By using an all-in-house solar provider, homeowners can be confident that their solar panel maintenance meets all safety and performance standards and is installed with skill and expertise.

An all-in-house solar provider can offer consistent quality throughout the installation process, resulting in a higher quality solar system that performs well over the long term.

As per a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, there is a positive correlation between the installation’s quality and the solar system’s performance. This means that a higher quality installation can result in a solar system that generates more energy over the long term.

When working standards and ethics of various service providers don’t match, quality can be compromised. But with a brand overlooking all aspects, it’s also a make-and-break deal for them.

Even if one aspect of their services isn’t up to the mark, consumers are likely to reject all the other services along with it. If a solar provider offers immediate and efficient home solar panel maintenance on a poor-quality solar panel, it kills the purpose.

4. Greater Flexibility

Another advantage of using an all-in-house solar provider is that they can offer greater flexibility to their customers regarding project design and customization. For example, they can offer more customized solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

They can also provide more flexibility in scheduling and installation times since everything from purchase and installation to home solar panel maintenance is in their hands.

According to a survey by EnergySage, 86% of homeowners who installed solar panels said that customization and personalization were important factors in their decision to go solar. By using an all-in-house solar provider, homeowners can be assured that their solar installation will be customized to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Why Choose Solgen Power?

Another considerable benefit of hiring an all-in-house solar provider is that they often prioritize sustainability in their operations, making them attractive for homeowners looking to reduce their environmental impact through their solar investment. For example:

Some all in-house solar providers have implemented sustainable practices such as sourcing local materials, minimizing waste, and using electric vehicles in their solar panel maintenance.

A National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study found that solar photovoltaic systems installed by all in-house solar providers can have a lower environmental impact than those installed by subcontractors.

Specifically, the study found that all in-house providers tended to have more control over the materials used in the installation process, which allowed them to choose more sustainable options.

According to a survey by EnergySage, 76% of homeowners who installed solar panels did so to reduce their environmental impact.

By working with an all-in-house solar provider that prioritizes sustainability in their operations, homeowners can feel confident that they are making a meaningful impact by choosing solar as an alternative source of energy.

In summary, a core benefit of an all-in-house solar provider is a more efficient, faster, higher quality, and more flexible process for homeowners installing solar panels. By controlling every aspect of the process, they can ensure that everything is done to the highest standard and that customers are satisfied with the final result.

Solar panel maintenance is an important factor to consider because its longevity and durability are greatly affected by the quality of maintenance services. Considering all benefits above, we can deduce that an all-in-house solar provider works seamlessly and effectively, providing the best deals with no gaps or loopholes.

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