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What is a Community Solar Farm

By: Eric Huesca, SEO Content Writer
May 26, 2023

As our world continues to grapple with climate change, the need for clean, renewable energy sources is more pronounced than ever. Solar power, in particular, has proven to be a viable and sustainable solution. However, not everyone has the ability or resources to install personal solar panels. That’s where community solar farms come into play. These shared renewable energy platforms are becoming increasingly popular, democratizing access to solar energy.

What is a Community Solar Farm?

Communal Solar Panels in a Town.

A community solar farm, also known as a solar garden, is a shared solar power system where multiple participants can benefit from the electricity generated. These are large-scale solar panel installations where community members can purchase or lease a portion of the solar panels, or a share of the power produced, without having to install panels on their own property. 

The solar farm is typically managed by a third-party company, which is responsible for maintaining the solar panels and distributing the produced energy. Participants in the solar farm receive credits on their electricity bill proportional to their share in the project, leading to savings over time. 

Why Community Solar Farms?

Community solar farms address several challenges that may prevent individuals from directly investing in solar energy. Here are a few reasons why they are gaining popularity: 


Not everyone owns a rooftop suitable for solar panel installation. Factors such as shading, roof condition, or living in a rented property can pose obstacles. Community solar farms provide an alternative way for individuals to tap into solar energy without installing a personal system. 


The upfront cost of installing a personal solar panel system can be prohibitive for some. Community solar projects, on the other hand, often require less upfront investment and may even offer pay-as-you-go plans, making solar power more affordable. 


Community solar farm participants benefit from solar power without the responsibility of maintaining or repairing solar panels. The managing company handles all the maintenance work. 

How Does a Community Solar Farm Work?

  • Here’s a simplified step-by-step breakdown of how a community solar farm operates: 
  • A third-party company sets up a large-scale solar farm in a suitable, sun-exposed location. This could be on open land, over parking lots, or on large commercial rooftops. 
  • Community members sign up to participate in the solar farm. They either purchase or lease a portion of the solar panels or buy a share of the power produced. 
  • The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which is fed into the grid. 
  • The utility company measures the total amount of electricity produced by the solar farm. 
  • Participants receive credits on their electricity bill in proportion to their share of the solar farm. This process is known as virtual net metering. 
  • The managing company maintains the solar farm, ensuring optimal performance. 

Benefits of Community Solar Farms

Community solar farms offer a variety of benefits, both to the individual participants and to the broader community. 

Economic Benefits

By participating in a community solar farm, individuals can save on their electricity bills. While the amount of savings can vary based on factors such as the size of the participant’s share and local electricity rates, over time, these savings can be substantial. 

Environmental Impact

Community solar farms contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by generating electricity from a renewable source. By choosing solar energy, participants are actively supporting clean energy and environmental sustainability. 

Job Creation

The construction and maintenance of community solar farms create local jobs, supporting the local economy. 

Energy Independence

By generating electricity locally, community solar farms can contribute to energy independence and provide a safeguard against fluctuating energy prices. 


As the world seeks to transition to renewable energy, community solar farms present a unique opportunity. They allow more people to access solar power, irrespective of their living situation or financial status, thereby democratizing renewable energy. 

Moreover, community solar farms serve as a testament to the power of collective action. By pooling resources, community members can make a meaningful impact on the environment, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. 

While community solar farms offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the terms before joining. Factors like contract length, exit clauses, and cost should be carefully considered. It’s also crucial to research the managing company’s reputation and track record. 

As we look towards a greener future, community solar farms are likely to play an increasingly important role. They offer a practical, accessible, and cost-effective solution for individuals to participate in the solar revolution. By embracing community solar farms, we can ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for all. 

Remember, while this article provides a general overview, the specifics of joining a community solar farm can vary based on your location and the available programs. Always do your research and consult with an energy professional or advisor to understand your best options. 

The shift to renewable energy is not just a trend – it’s a necessity. And community solar farms are proving that everyone can be a part of this critical transition. So, let’s harness the sun’s power together and make our communities more sustainable, one solar panel at a time. 

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