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The Federal Solar Tax Credit is an incentive that homeowners will immensely benefit from. It’s made going solar easier AND more affordable! The Federal Government will pay YOU back up to 30% of the total cost of your solar installation.

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How Does the Federal Solar Tax Credit Work?

When you purchase solar panels in the state of Washington, you become eligible for the Federal Tax Credit for Solar. It’s incentives like this that have helped homeowners around the state of Washington in places like Pasco Washington, Leavenworth Washington, Spokane Washington and all of Northwest Washington. Even in places where Washington weather is gloomy like Vancouver Washington, it’s still a great place for solar due to the excess amount of solar generated and stored using a program called Net Metering that helps you bank your excess power and save it for a rainy day at no cost to you. You’ll need to fill out a solar tax credit form when doing filing your taxes the following year. So if you installed Solar in 2022, you will need to complete the form in 2023 for your 2022 taxes. You will then receive a tax credit worth up to 30% of the total value of the solar system. When you receive your return, you will see a tax credit for solar affecting your return as long as you have taxable income and enough taxing liability.


Customer happy with their solar installation done by Solgen Power.

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Purchase Residential Solar

Purchase and install solar panels on your roof or property

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Fill out Solar Tax Credit Form

Fill out the Solar Tax Credit Form when working out your taxes

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Get Credited on Your Taxes

Get up to 30% of the total cost of your solar installation credited

Customer happy with their solar panel installation

Customer happy with their solar installation done by Solgen Power.

Going Solar In Washington Is A Lot Easier

The time in Washington to go solar has never been better. With the help of Federal and State incentives, solar has become more accessible. You can also go solar for NOTHING out of pocket. Solgen Power provides a true $0 Down Solar Program as well that allows you to go solar for no up front cost, making it easier for you to go solar today! We also take care of everything from A-Z, meaning we don’t subcontract our work, including filling out your permits for you! This allows you to not have a headache during your solar journey and makes it easier to have your home, even some Washington farms switch to solar.

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