Solar Installations

We take pride in the fact that every panel we install produces clean, renewable energy. From rural homes to urban businesses, our equipment enhances the functionality and value of every structure they serve.

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Rooftop Solar Panel Installation will have the solar panels lay on the rooftop facing the direction with the most sun exposure so you can save the most on your utility bill.

You can keep track of the energy that is coming from the power grid and how much energy is coming from the solar panels. An electrical meter will show you your total electrical usage and the energy you are sending back to the power grid will be tracked through the net metering system.

Your solar panels will be connected to the grid so that you can continue to use your current energy provider to use electricity while solar will help cover a percentage of the energy that is being used at your home. You will be credited by your energy prover for the excess energy you send to the power grid. 

Residential Roof Installation

Beautiful home with solar panels installed by Solgen Power

Beautiful home with solar panels installed by Solgen Power.

Residential roof installations are the most popular application for our solar panels. Our team designs a customized system for your roof that maximizes your energy production based on sun exposure. These panels are versatile enough to work in one cohesive grouping across your roof or in multiple sections. Additionally, you can have your panels installed on the roofs of structures adjacent to your house such as garages or shops.

Ground Mount Installation

Long ground mount solar installation on a property in the woods

Beautiful home with solar panels installed by Solgen Power.

If a rooftop installation isn’t preferable or feasible for you, we offer ground-mounted systems that perform just as well. In fact, ground-mounted systems involve a more efficient installation process than rooftop installations because with ground mounts, we have the ability to tilt the panels for optimal sun exposure. As long as you have the land space, these systems can be as large or as small as you require.

couples got solar installed on the roof of their home

Solar Installation With Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Solgen Power only provides the highest graded products backed by 25 year warranties to make sure our customers are satisfied with their solar panels. Installations are completed by our Professional Solar Installation Crews that have gone through vigorous training to ensure quality installs every time. Click below to find out in minutes what solar would look like on your home!

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