Washington Net Metering Program

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a program that uses a process in which your system is allowed to produce and store more energy than you can use during certain times of the year. During these times, your new Net Meter will feed any excess energy into your local power grid while tracking how much electricity was sent out. The biggest benefit of the Net Metering program is that your excess energy is returned to you in the form of a usable credit. On days where your system may not produce as much electricity as you use, you will be able to pull any credits you have stored back into your home at no charge to you.

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Track Your Net Metering Credits

*Tracking is just an estimation, rates vary by location.

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Net Metering:
A Tool For Homeowners

Your solar energy system will be enrolled in the Net Metering Program, allowing you to be connected to the grid. Net Metering will allow you to track all of the excess energy produced and credited to you down to the penny.  

These credits will appear as energy credits in your account. These credits can be used any time your system doesn’t produce as much energy as you use. So many homeowners have already seen immense savings day by day with Net Metering. 

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