Frequently Asked Questions

After we get more accurate measurements of your home, your original design can change depending on several factors. Some of these factors included the shading on your roof and potential obstructions due to precise measurements. If your design does change, we will notify you and send you any additional paperwork required to proceed.

If we determine that your home needs a new roof, we will be able to loop this in on the entire cost of your solar project. This means that you can expect the federal tax credit to be applied to the cost of the roof as well, which will be included in the cost of your project. You will never have to worry about any unknown costs or hidden fees since we cannot proceed without your consent.

Inspections are short lived visits made by your local jurisdiction and L&I. They last anywhere from 10-20 minutes and you are not required to be home for inspections. There are only 2 inspections that need to be made after your installation to make sure everything is hooked up properly.

Inspections are necessary due to the nature of the project. Both your state and L&I want to make sure that your solar system is safe and fully operational. Think of inspections as a check-up on the work being done to prevent any damages or harm to the homeowner or the house. Safety is our number one priority!

No. After your installation, you have one more step in your solar journey before your system can be turned on, the inspections. Once your system is inspected, one of our trained professionals will come out to your home and show you how to turn your system on and how you can pay for your solar indefinitely by referring your neighbors, friends and family!

Not in particular. Our installers do need a clear path to access your electrical panel, attic and roof. As long as we can safely navigate your home without having to touch or move your personal property, we can get the job done without bothering you!

Depending on your jurisdiction, your meter will either be installed during your installation or the inspection. The meter that will be installed is referred to as your net meter. Your net meter will show you how much power your storing and pulling from the grid.

Your Customer Success Manager will schedule your appointment to walk you through how to turn on your system when you receive permission to operate. If you want to make sure your system is on and producing power, check these 3 things:

1) Your meter is rotating new phases of numbers

2) Your Rapid Shutdown lever is in the ON position

3) The breakers in your combiner box and electrical panel are in the ON position

By following the steps above you will know that your system is on and producing clean, renewable energy!

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Licenses - General #SOLGEPL820BE | Electrical #SOLGEPL830RJ

Copyright © 2020 Solgen Power, All Rights Reserved

Licenses - General #SOLGEPL820BE | Electrical #SOLGEPL830RJ

Copyright © 2020 Solgen Power, All Rights Reserved

Licenses - General #SOLGEPL820BE | Electrical #SOLGEPL830RJ