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James Atwood portrait

James Atwood

” Working with Solgen Power was a great experience. Everything went so smoothly, any question I had was answered. The installer did a great job in a quick time frame. Finished it in one day. I love having the ability to monitor my system too and see what I’m producing. Everyone I’ve interacted with at this company really seems to enjoy what they do. That’s gotta say something. Great job Solgen and thank you.”

Roger Wainscott portrait sanding infront of a brick wall.

Roger Wainscott

“They arrive an hour early and started working right away very quiet in the neighborhood no swearing or foul language to disrupt any of the neighbors or their children, they were very pleasant, called you by sur, they were very efficient in the work that they did everyone seem to know their job so there wasn’t a lot of confusion or what do I need to do next type of thing they got in there, they got it done and they got it done right, they were fantastic!”

Elizabeth Feye sipping coffee while sitting on a couch.

Elizabeth Feye

” Wow, what a great experience. This company has instilled in their employees what  customer service is all about. Solgen Power installed a great product on my house and I’m excited about my future returns, I can not express enough what a easy, no stress experience it is dealing with Solgen Power. I personally would like to thank  Hayden, my salesperson, Levi, installation scheduler and jerry, foreman installer. You guys are a Great team. Thank you Solgen Power.”

Our Mission

Building a brighter future for our people!

Why Get Solar Panels for Your Home or Business?

Most people know that switching to solar is great for the environment, but many people also think it’s also really expensive to do so. This is a common misconception! There are a variety of benefits of getting solar panels for your home business, including the HUGE possibility of saving thousands! This is especially true if you own your home and choose Solgen Power as your solar provider.

Put the Sun to Work For You

When you add solar panels to your home or business, you're choosing a viable solution to produce energy. No matter what kind of day it is, the sun chooses to always shine! That's why even though some days are cloudy, rainy or stormy, you will still be producing clean, renewable energy.

Federal Incentive

Turning a liability into an asset isn't the only benefit of adding solar panels to your home or business. The federal government is also paying for 26% of your ENTIRE system cost, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

$0 Out of Pocket Financing!

When you choose Solgen Power to add solar panels to your home or business, you're choosing a zero out of pocket solar solution. Stop Renting your energy from the utility company and start owning your power today!

Committed to
Quality and Excellence!

Solgen Power’s full service mentality can be seen from the moment you start the process to well beyond the solar installation. While we walk you through each step of the process our team will be fully equipped to answer any questions you may have.

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